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Fondant icing is one of the most important ingredients for any cake maker. You can use it to cover a cake or make models and decorations with it. Its flexibility means that you can create whatever you can imagine, and it’s also very easy to work with which means even the novice sugar-crafter can begin to tackle projects with it. For lots of beautiful fondant icing recipes, have a look here >> http://www.renshawbaking.com/fondant-icing.html

To get you started here are five easy fondant icing recipes that don’t require you to be an expert.

  1. Rainbow Heart Cake. If you want to get to grips with using fondant icing to decorate a cake and make something that’s beautiful but relatively simple then try this Rainbow Heart Cake. This is perfect for a loved one’s birthday. This takes a simple sponge cake and covers it with brilliant white fondant icing, which will help you get used to covering a cake smoothly, and then uses simple multi-coloured hearts to decorate. These can be made by hand or with a cutter and make a sweet romantic decoration.
  2. Bobble Hat Cupcakes. You don’t have to be making a fully-fledged cake to use fondant icing. It’s equally useful for creating cute cupcakes like these. These bobble hat cupcakes are perfect now that the days have turned colder. Using different coloured fondant icing makes for an eye-catching display on your cake tray and is sure to entice people to take a bite.
  3. Eyeball Cake Pops. Fondant icing can also be used for decorative flourishes as opposed to an all over cake covering. With Halloween just around the corner these creepy eyeball cake pops are just the thing for a fancy dress party or to give out to trick or treaters who come knocking.
  4. Fondant Flowers. If you’re making a wedding cake then a perfect topper is a beautiful bouquet of fondant icing roses. These take a bit of skill and time to get right but when you do they look incredible. You can get petal cutters to help with accuracy or go totally freehand depending on your confidence levels.
  5. Animals. One of the best attributes of fondant icing is its incredible malleability. This makes it ideal for creating all kinds of decorations and one of the most appealing, and easiest, are little animals. Because fondant icing is available in a multitude of colours you can quickly make fondant pigs, penguins, cats or whatever you want.