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Disney Doc McStuffins Interactive Talking Doll Review

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have been thinking about Christmas for a while. I’ve had a list running for Sausage for about a month and every time I hear her mention a toy she wants, it goes on the list. One of the things she mentioned a while ago was the Disney Doc McStuffins Interactive Talking Doll, which was actually out around the time of her birthday but didn’t get bought for her back then, so when we were asked to review it, she was thrilled.

Doc McStuffins Interactive Talking Doll

The doll comes with a soft Lamby doll, as well as a doctors bag, comb and a couple of medical instruments. Doc sings the ‘Time For Your Check-Up’ song when you press her tummy and Lamby interacts with Doc when she presses the thermometer and ear thingy (yes, that’s the medical term!), to give her a check-up. She also says a couple of phrases and you can hear her heart beating.

One of the really good things about these dolls is that they both have a proper ‘off switch’, which means that Sausage can take Doc or Lamby to bed with her (who’s really soft and cuddly, despite having a battery pack inside her) and doesn’t get woken up by talking when she rolls over on her!

Sausage has been a huge fan of Doc McStuffins ever since it started and she’s been waiting for what seems like ages for the official toys to be launched in the UK, so she’s been practically inseparable from the doll since it arrived. It really piques her imagination and she does a medical check-up on just about anyone or anything who’ll allow her to!

On a practical level, the doll and accessories are really sturdy and well made; in our experience, official Disney toys tend to be very high quality, so even though it may seem pricey at around £39.99, depending on where you buy, the Doc McStuffins Interactive Talking Doll really is worth every penny. I’ve no doubt at all that once Sausage has grown out of the toy, we’ll be able to put it away for when the baby is older and wants to play with it, which provides even better value for money.

We’re really impressed with the Doc McStuffins Interactive talking Doll and can highly recommend it for any fans of the show as a brilliant addition to the Christmas list.

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