Listen, it’s no secret that I’m not exactly a domestic goddess. I like to cook at times, but I don’t have a huge amount of skill in that area, nor do I have the patience for constant chores (don’t pity my Husband too much, will you?!). However, I am the master of the cookery bodge and I thought I’d share some of my awesome cookery tips for all of you other disorganised mummies out there, to get you out of those tricky cooking mishaps.

1. Cheesestrings are still cheese.

In true slummy fashion, a while back I was using one of those sachet mixes to make a pasta bake. I hadn’t realised that the recipe called for grated cheese to be sprinkled on the top of it before baking and the only cheese I had in the fridge were some of Sausage’s Cheese Strings.

Et voila! Pasta a la Cheese String! It may not look amazing, but it tasted great…honestly!

Cheese String Pasta Bake2. Bacon and Eggs Made Easy

Boiling eggs can be a pain in the arse, as is washing a grill pan after cooking bacon, so this method of cooking cuts down on the greasy dishes and timing issues. Grab a silicone muffin case, lay a rasher of streaky bacon around the sides of the case, crack an egg inside, place on a baking tray and bake for 15 minutes at 180c. Easiest bacon and eggs ever, and it looks fairly impressive too! Serve with a toasted English muffin.

Baked Bacon and Eggs

3. Cocktail Sauce

cocktail sauce

4. Garlic Bread

If you’re having a meal that would go lovely with a bit of garlic bread, but don’t actually have any, you’ve probably got all the bits to make it yourself (I don’t know about you, but I can usually muster up a couple of garlic cloves or even garlic powder or paste from my cupboards). Grab some normal sliced bread, toast one side, take a tablespoon of margarine or butter and mix some minced garlic or garlic powder to it, them spread the mixture on the un-toasted side and stick it back under the grill. Just as nice as shop bought garlic bread and a fraction of the cost.

5. Toastie with no Toastie Maker?

So, you’re craving a toasted cheese sandwich, but don’t own a toasted sandwich maker? You know who makes awesome toasted cheese sandwiches?

George Foreman Grill

George Foreman does.

Seriously. I know Mr. Foreman probably didn’t intend for his ‘fat reducing’ grill to be used for melting cheese between buttered bread, but we use ours to make toasties ALL the time and it does a brilliant job.