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Back to School with Clarks Shoes

A few weeks ago, Clarks asked us if we’d like to go along to our nearest store and have Sausage properly measured for her next pair of school shoes, so armed with our £40 voucher we went along to the Southend branch this week to get started with our back to school preparations.

When we got to the store, I was eternally grateful that we’d arranged an appointment – the upper floor where the kids shoes are housed resembled a soft play centre on a rainy day rather than a shoe shop! The assistants were run off of their feet and it whole place had the electric atmosphere that you get when 2 dozen hyperactive children are verging on shopping-induced revolt!

Thankfully, we found a corner to sit in and we didn’t have to wait long for an assistant to come and measure Sausage’s feet. I was impressed with how thorough the measuring process was, having never been to a Clarks before and was pleased to note that they check width as well as length, which I think is really important for feet which are still growing.

Clarks Feet Measuring

Once the lady determined what size Sausage would need (10G, just in case you wondered!), she presented us with boxes of shoes that came in the right size, which was really helpful as it saved Sausage from getting her heart set on something, only to be told that she couldn’t have them.

Eventually, Sausage chose a black patent leather pair, with a velcro strap which would make it easier for her to get them on and off when getting changed for P.E. and swimming. The fitting didn’t end at the measuring though, as the Clarks assistant then put the shoes on Sausage, checked how much space her toes had, checked for space at the heel and even checked to see that the shoe wasn’t too tight on the top of Sausage’s foot. I must say, it was the most thorough shoe fitting I’ve ever seen, and the woman had no idea that we were there for a review, so it’s not like she rolled out any special treatment for us.

Clarks School Shoes

The shoes themselves seem to be very good quality. The sole is thick and sturdy, the strap looks very well attached and the attention to detail on the upper and inner is very pretty – they even have fairies printed on the inside, which Sausage immediately fell in love with! These shoes were £34, which I thought was reasonable for a pair of good-quality shoes.

Clarks Shoes Attention to Detail

Most importantly, Sausage is very comfortable in her new shoes and I think they’re going to last her very well over the coming school year. Thank you, to Clarks, for having us along to pick out some shoes – Sausage is a very happy girl!

4 thoughts on “Back to School with Clarks Shoes

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  2. The good thing about Clarks is that their fittings are thorough, they have always made sure my kids walk properly in the shoes, and that they fit properly with growing room etc – we have never had any problems with the shoes we’ve bought from there, and the Doodles are great for the summer. However, my daughter has D width feet and they don’t cater for narrow width fittings at all, and the shoes they do have in the narrower widths, I feel are completely inappropriate for a 5 year old at school. So we go elsewhere.

    I also hate the shoes with lights in the soles, and point blank refuse to buy them, but that’s my hangup.

    I’m a fusspot about school shoes because I don’t want my children to have foot problems when they are older due to badly fitting shoes, so I’ll always go where they fit the shoes properly, regardless of the cost.

  3. I have to say, with 3 little ones under 6, our need for new shoes seems endless, and whilst we could easily plump for cheaper alternatives, ours have always had Clarks shoes. The fitting has always been thorough, the staff friendly and I have yet to buy a pair I was dissatisfied with. Glad you had fun and that Sausage is delighted with them. We’ll be off to buy school shoes for my eldest two in the next week or so! 🙂

    1. Last year, we were sent shoes by Asda and Marks and Spencer for when Sausage started school. The Asda ones wore out before Christmas, but the M&S ones lasted a lot better. £34 may seem high, but it’s definitely a false economy to buy several cheaper pairs throughout the year, when you can spend a bit more and have them for the entire year. Thanks for commenting.

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