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Walkers Mighty Lights Review

When I opened the door to the postman this morning and he was standing there with a rather large box, I had no idea what might be inside. Little did I know, the contents would change my day.

As you may or may not know, I’m diabetic, and I’m being closely monitored at the moment to see how I’m processing sugar, which means following a low GI diet and testing my blood 5-6 times a day. As a person who is, shall we say, a bit of a carb addict, low GI basically means cutting everything I enjoy out of my diet, which includes crisps.

So, when I opened the mystery box and saw three multipacks of Walkers Mighty Lights inside, I was unsure of how to proceed. I decided that the best thing to do was check the sugar content, try a bag and then test my blood sugar an hour later to see if my sugars had spiked. If they were still high an hour later, I’d have to put them firmly on the ‘Do Not Eat’ list.

Walkers Mighty Lights

Sausage sampled a bag of the Cheese and Onion and I had Chicken and the flavours of both were exactly as you’d expect from regular Walkers Crisps of these flavours and the texture of the crisps was great too, giving plenty of crunch without shredding the inside of your mouth!

Sausage and I both really enjoyed the Mighty Lights, and one of the things we liked was that although they’re a healthier alternative to crisps, they don’t feel like a compromise. They don’t have the dry, flavourless aspect that a lot of low-fat snacks suffer from and one bag was satisfying to the snacking urge.

But, the real acid test was what they’d done to my blood sugar levels – would the Mighty Lights have made my blood sugar levels spike, or were they low GI enough to be okay for me to enjoy?

Well, I’m thrilled to say that my test showed 4.6mmols of sugar an hour after eating – anything below 7.8mmols is fine, so to be at 4.6 is absolutely brilliant! In fact, the plain version of the Mighty Lights only contain 0.2g of sugar per bag, a negligible amount, making these a brilliant snack option for anyone concerned about their blood sugar, or following a low carb diet.

There’s more too, as the folks at Walkers told us – “With 30% less fat than standard crisps, Mighty Lights are perfect for kids’ lunchboxes. They are tasty, ridged crisps that come in three flavours – roast chicken, cheese and onion and lightly salted. All the flavours are suitable for vegetarians, and are available in shops nationwide. They’re made from real potatoes with no artificial colours of preservatives- ¬†and they’re a source of fibre.”

All in all, I’m really pleased that we had the opportunity to try these snacks. Whilst I won’t be making a habit of snacking while I’m being monitored, it’s really nice to know that there are things I can enjoy which won’t affect my health, and that I can feel confident about giving to Sausage too.


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