When you buy your first house, you’ll want to make sure each and every room is exactly to your taste. It can be a daunting prospect, so take it one room at a time. The bathroom is a good place to start – keep reading for a guide to how to design and furnish this space.

Choose your style

When designing your first bathroom, you’ll probably have thought of a style that you’d like to create in the space. From cool and modern to cosy cottage chic, keep your idea in mind and get some inspiration online or by browsing home improvement publications.

The style you choose should not only reflect your taste, but also be in-keeping with the amount of room you have. For example, using dark or very bright colours on the walls of a small bathroom will only close up the space further, so give some careful thought to the dimensions of the room and what you can do with it. Instead of painting the walls in a dark shade that you really like, you could add accents of the colour to a white background to avoid losing the impression of space.

Consider whether you have a large enough area to install a separate shower cubicle in the bathroom or whether you’d prefer a mixer shower over the bath, and if you’d like to install features like his and hers sinks, a wetroom area or a Jacuzzi facility for a touch of luxury. Wooden elements can add warmth and texture, while metals can create a cool, modern ambience.

Choose your suite

The bathroom suite you pick will need to meet a number of stipulations, so make sure it’s aesthetically-pleasing to you, within your budget and useable for you and your family members. When choosing the main furnishings for the bathroom, it’s important you know the dimensions of the space, so you can avoid purchasing a suite that will either dwarf the area or look generally incongruous.

You’ll also need to give some thought to whether or not you want to create a traditional bathroom area or a more modern space, and browsing a selection of suites from retailers like¬†Splash¬†should help you figure out what’s really to your taste. Suites come with rounded or square edges, traditional bases or chunkier alternatives, so it’s worth doing some research before you commit to a specific style.

Choose your accessories

Once you’ve picked your suite, established a colour scheme and decided on your tiles, you’ll want to ensure the bathroom is finished off in a cohesive way with the right accessories. Your colour scheme and budget are likely to largely guide your choices when it comes to extras like towels, blinds and storage units.

When thinking about which accessories to invest in, consider if and where you need storage. You could install shelving near the bath or invest in corner caddies to hold toiletries, while a tallboy is ideal for towels, toilet rolls and other bathroom items.

You could put up a blind or even leave the window uncovered to let as much light in as possible, and choose towels or accessories like soap dishes to match your walls, floor colour or accents like a chrome shower head or bath taps. Add finishing touches like tea lights, an over-bath book stand or a duckboard to complete the look of your bathroom.