In my quest for the perfect swimsuit, I recently got in touch with Lazeme, the online retailers whose philosophy is something that really appealed to me: “Our aim is to bring you products that make you feel and look good when you find a bit of downtime. We work hard to source exclusive designs not readily available on the High Street and bring them direct to your door. So, sit back, catch a bit of relaxed living and be effortlessly stylish with Lazeme.”

I told them about my mission to feel covered up but stylish whilst swimming and they offered me the chance to choose any of the swimsuits that they sell. I was aware that Freya make lingerie for larger busted women, so when I saw they made swimwear too, I thought I’d have a browse of their range. The Fever Tankini hit me immediately as there are various options, one of which was a swimskirt!

Here’s what I chose:

Fever TankiniClick on photo to be taken to the full Freya Fever range on Lazeme

I tried the two items on as soon as they arrived and the first thing that struck me was that the top, which has a concealed boned bra inside, was probably the best-fitting piece of swimwear I’ve ever worn. I felt as though I was wearing a normal fitted bra underneath the top, but it’s made of a fairly light material so it doesn’t feel restrictive and I can’t imagine it making you feel hot if you were wearing it around the pool. The top is very fitted, with two seams down the front and detailing on the waist, which actually made me look slimmer (a SLIMMING swimming costume?! Have you ever heard of such witchcraft?!). It covers everything that I want covered, which made me feel a lot more confident during the long walk between the changing rooms and the pool (it’s not really that long but when you have body hang-ups, the walk between the cubicles and the water seems to take FOREVER).

I had my reservations about the skirt before it arrived;

1) It looks amazing on the model but what would it look like on an overweight, pale, mum of one?

2) What would it be like trying to swim in a skirt?

3) How much would it actually cover?

From the moment I tried on the swimskirt, I loved it. It covered my bottom and tops of my thighs, making me feel nicely covered, but it was short enough that it still looked quite young and funky, in fact the tankini top and swimskirt combo had a very feminine, 1950’s feel about it. I could just as easily imagine swooning around a pool in Southern Italy in this as I could swimming at my local pool.

Swimming-wise, I won’t deny it felt a bit odd at first. I, and I would wager most women aren’t used to swimming in a skirt, so feeling the extra fabric moving around in the water was a little disarming at first, but after a while I got used to it and I didn’t even notice it anymore.

Once we got out of the pool, I did notice that the skirt holds a LOT of water and was very heavy, so I had to have a massive wringing-out sesh before we packed our bags, but that’s by no means a criticism, just a reminder to you that you’ll need to do the same.

All in all, I genuinely could not be more thrilled with the Fever tankini – it’s given me some confidence back and allows me to swim without feeling self conscious about my body and I’ll definitely be taking it with me next time we go on holiday. Thanks so much to Lazeme for sending me the tankini, you guys rock and I think this may really be my perfect swimsuit!