Things I’m Coveting This Week

Okay, I’ll admit it, while I’m not into fashion or trends, I am still a covetous little beast and I do often flick through magazines or the internet and look at all of the things that I’d love in my wardrobe or my home. I love to discover new shops, especially places like Etsy where I can find one-offs, and I’m a bit of a charity shop lover too!

Just recently, I discovered FADS and I immediately started lusting after their wares. Top of my want-list is this white gloss sideboard, which is just so sleek and chic. We live in a cupboardless house (there is literally ONE built-in cupboard in the house, aside from kitchen units, and that houses the boiler) so any sort of solution to our lack of storage is warmly welcomed, especially when it looks this good.

Also, and I cannot stress this enough, this is one of the coolest garden chairs I’ve EVER seen. Like, how comfy does it look? It looks like it belongs poolside in a Hollywood mansion and I’m pretty sure it would not only improve my life but it would probably make me look 20lb lighter*, just by parking my bum on it. 

Finally, should we ever manage to move out of our magnolia palace and into somewhere that we can add our own touches, this wallpaper would get my vote straight away. I love the fact that its heavily patterned but looks quite simplistic because of the line drawing and it comes in a few different colours too. I actually think it would be perfect for a nursery or child’s room as the pattern is interesting and would grow with a child, unlike popular characters.

So, what are you coveting this week?

*This may or may not be wild fantasy and nothing even remotely like what would happen

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