Driving Music #carcraftsingalongs

Ever since I got my licence waaaay back in 2002, having music to drive to has been really important to me. When my first ever car got broken into and the radio stolen, I used a battery powered radio on my passenger seat until I replaced my car stereo, which should give you a good idea of how much I like to have tunes to drive to! Throughout the course of my life, there have been various songs which have been significant, like this one, which I listened to every day for about a year whilst dropping my Mum and work and my Sister at school, and we’d giggle and sing along in German the whole way:

Then, there was the summer that my friend Sally and I spent almost every weekend together. We were 20, both usually skint, she had a baby daughter and we would drive up and down the seafront to amuse ourselves and get her daughter to have a nap. This was our song of choice, which again, we’d scream with laughter to, not hugely conducive to naptime but it brings back some hilarious memories:

More recently, I’ve used music in the car to provide comfort; Sausage had a hard time during the first couple of months of school, suffering with anxiety and separation issues and one way I was able to calm her was playing her favourite song in the car on the way everyday. Listening to this took her mind off of her worries and really helped to diffuse a potentially horrible time for her:

Personally though, I struggle to come up with an absolute, all-time favorite song to drive to as there are simply so many that I adore, but this one springs to mind as no only do I adore the song but the video is pretty appropriate too!

What’s your favourite song to drive to? Head over to the Carcraft site to find out how you can nominate your favourite driving song or tweet them using the hashtag #carcraftsingalongs

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