(Not So) Extreme Make over: Home Edition

Now that we’ve lived in this house for three years, our landlord has become a little more easy-going about letting us add our own touches to the place. We’re planning feature walls in both bedrooms, pink for Sausage and a gorgeous sage-green for Husband and I. The one hurdle that we’ve faced is buying curtains or blinds for the rooms. Both rooms have huge windows, with Sausage’s being the most awkward, her bay window measuring about 11 feet wide!

Just recently we’ve discovered these Perfect Fit blinds from Web-Blinds, which fit inside the frames of UPVC windows. They don’y have a pull string, which makes them perfect for a child’s room as, like many parents, I would seriously worry about the safety risks associated with conventional blinds. They come in a gorgeous range of colours too, so Sausage won’t need to sacrifice the girly theme that she’s got going on with just about every shade of pink possible somewhere in her room!

Another thing we’d love is laminate flooring. I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion on this blog that living in a house with a beige carpet when you have an almost 5 year old and a dog is not idea – I’m not sure I even remember what this carpet is supposed to look like anymore, such is the extent of the swirls of mud/Ribena/crayon stains that are dotted about and despite our valiant efforts to clean it last year, I think we need to admit that our pile has had the guts knocked out of it!

This Butter Oak laminate flooring is absolutely stunning and would look so fab in our lounge, especially if we were to scatter a couple of coordinating rugs around. It would be fabulously easy to clean and would definitely be a lot more resilient than our carpet, which is now so flimsy that the Dyson sometimes pulls whole lines of thread out of it!

I think that makes me pretty easy to please – a lick of paint, some blinds and a nice floor and I’d be a very contented blogger!

One thought on “(Not So) Extreme Make over: Home Edition

  1. I love it! Instant makeover! Actually, it’s true that a house would look completely fresh and different with just those things. I love the idea of feature walls, I haven’t ever done any but I think they’d be lovely in a couple of our rooms… (someday!).

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