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One of the things that Sausage and I love to do together is go swimming, it’s a fun way to spend a Saturday morning that doesn’t cost a fortune and gets us both up and active, rather than sitting indoors eating sugary cereal! This Saturday just passed was the first time we’d been swimming in a while and the first time since Sausage started having weekly swimming lessons at school. She’s lucky enough to have a ¬†pool within the grounds of her school and although it’s an outdoor pool, it’s well heated so come the spring term they’re out there every Thursday morning.

Naturally, she insisted we buy her a new swimming costume for her lessons and despite my reservations, she sports a snazzy crossover number which is apparently the envy of all of her friends!

Anyway, I digress. Having not seen her new swimming skills in action since before she started formal lessons, I was absolutely blown away on Saturday to see what a difference it’s made. I’m a fairly good swimmer (fitness levels aside) and have tried my best to teach her the basics, but I truly take my hat off to her swimming teacher who, in four short weeks has obviously imparted some serious knowledge. Sausage, though still in armbands, is now swimming on her back for almost a whole pools width, doing a respectable version of beginners breast stroke and has gained so much confidence that she’ll now jump in from the side with no assistance!

I’m so impressed with the way she’s come on leaps and bounds in such a short time and can’t wait to see where she’ll be with it by the end of term. Swimming is such an important skill to have and aside from that can be a really fun way to spend time. I was a bit of a daredevil when I was a kid and spent many a happy summer with my parents on different parts of the South Coast, learning to boogie board and surf. I’m not very good at either, mind you, but had I not had the skills to swim, I’d never have been able to try.

Sausage and I have decided that swimming will be part of our Saturday morning ritual now, we’re aiming to go every week and I can’t wait to see how her swimming improves every time.

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  1. we enjoy going swimming together as a family too its a great sport for us all to do at the same time. It sounds like Sausage is doing really well with her swimming skills x

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