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Cinco de Mayo with a Healthy Twist!

Last week, I got an email from the delightful ladies at BritMums, who had partnered up with Discovery Foods to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, asking if we’d like to try some of their range. For those who aren’t familiar, Cinco de Mayo literally means ‘5th of May’ and is, according to Wikipedia (oh, font of all knowledge…) ” a way to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War, and today the date is observed in the United States as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride”

We’re huge fans of Mexican food in the Mum’s the Word household and we make fajitas quite regularly, but we’re on a health kick lately so I thought we’d try them with turkey. Lean turkey can contain less than 3% fat, which makes it healthier than chicken. We also added a couple of handfuls of chopped mushrooms which gives extra nutrition and bulks the mixture out, which means you effectively need less meat. We used a yellow and an orange pepper as they’re our favorites and they add an element of sweetness to the flavour combination.

Accompanying our fajitas was Discovery’s Soured Cream topping which really helped to cool things down for Sausage, who’s pretty good but not able to take a whole lotta heat, and some shredded lettuce. The perfect fajita!

The Discovery Fajita seasoning gave a lovely smokey flavour with a hint of heat and actually worked really well with turkey. We’re thrilled with the result of our experiment and happy to know that we can continue to enjoy a favourite meal but with a healthy twist. We’ve also been sent the Cajun Season and Sauce to try and I’m really looking forward to giving this a go. We may even use turkey again, so that we can enjoy it without diet guilt!

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