I’m not even kidding when I say this; I have been to paradise. Not only have I been there but I was lucky enough to get married there. When it came to a toss-up between the concrete-tastic registry office in our town or swanning off to warmer climes and doing it elsewhere, there was no competition. Husband (then Fiance) and I, spent a while researching our options and eventually decided on here:

That is the very island on which we said our nuptials and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I’d love to go back there one day, but now that I’m a parent my idea of the perfect holiday has changed somewhat. As much as Vakarufalhi Island in the Maldives is my dream destination, it was a very adult-oriented holiday and I think Sausage would have got bored after a while!

Something that we have considered is a family camping holiday. When I was a kid, we took regular camping holidays, sometimes in Devon or Cornwall, but sometimes a lot closer to home, in places like Dymchurch or Walton on the Naze and I have really fond memories of our trips. When I was 14, my friends family took me to France and we did what I suppose was an early form of glamping – sure, our walls were made of canvas, but we had beds, a fridge, electric lights and rooms in our tent! I recently discovered Thompson Al Fresco, a company that offers European camping holidays for families which work out really reasonable on price.

The parks all look packed with entertainment options for kids and adults alike and there’s a variety of accommodation to choose from, which means that whether you’re a small family or a large one, there’s something to suit your needs. You can also secure your booking for as low as £100, which is great if you want to pay for the holiday over time.

Take a look at the Thompson Al Fresco site for details of all of their destinations and accommodations on offer – I quite fancy Lake Garda. It’s somewhere that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time but I always thought it would be prohibitively expensive or not very child-friendly, so it just shows how wrong I was!

What would your ideal destination be?