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When Husband and I were thinking of names for Sausage, it was really important to us that she have a name that wasn’t hugely popular. We spent a long time poring over name books and searching for inspiration on the net and it was only when I was in hospital being induced that we made our final decision.

I’m pleased to say that her name is still largely unused in the UK, with just a couple of hundred being registered each year and I’ve never actually met another child with the same name, which is why the infographic below was really interesting to me.


Baby Names Infographic from Bounty


Did you spot your child’s name on the list?

Infographic provided by Bounty

2 thoughts on “Baby Names

  1. Neither of my babies are on there. Although when Splosh was born it was a very popular name it turns out! We’ve only ever met one other ‘Bernard’ and she is much older! (obviously not their real names!)

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