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Parenthood Is…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about parenthood and how different people feel about it. Some people love a good moan while others wax lyrical about how their lives have changed for the better – one thing’s for certain though, and that’s that parenthood is one topic on which its really easy to engage a lot of people and get them thinking.

I decided to turn to my lovely blogging mates and ask them what “Parenting Is…” to them. Here are their responses:

Kate from Kate Takes 5 said “Parenthood is…99% a pain in the arse and 1% so magical that you forget the other 99%.”

Helen from Actually Mummy said “Parenthood is… like a long hard slog up a mountain. Tough, rocky and it makes your bones ache, but Oh My God the view from the top is incredible!”

Marianne from Mari’s World said “Parenthood is…surviving the unknown!”

Cat from Cat’s Yellow Days said “Parenthood is… realising you’ll never be alone again…not even on the loo. Parenthood is… talking about Sid, Alex and Katie like they are actually your friends. Parenthood is… having stickers on everything you own. Parenthood is… realising the silence isn’t golden, it’s worrying!”

Ruth from DorkyMum said “Parenting…is a walk in the park. Too bad that walk usually takes place at 3am with a crying baby.”

Stacey from Five’s a Fellowship said “Parenthood is…a big slap in the face and a hug for good measure.”

Sandy from Baby Baby said “Parenthood is…hard work, it’s smelly, dirty, unrelenting, tiring and emotional, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Annie from Mammasaurus said “Parenthood is…a complete breeze *throws bread on the floor for the imaginary disco squirrels*”

Sonia from The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock and Roll Mum said “Parenthood is…over-worked, underpaid and overjoyed! 90% guilt, 10% pleasure? exhausting?”

Carolin from Mummy Alarm said “Parenthood is…smiling about baby sick in your mouth or poo in your bath when pre-baby this would have sent you over the edge”

Kathryn from Crystal Jigsaw said “Parenthood is…raising awareness of your own children’s issues”

Aly from Plus 2 Point 4 said “Parenthood is…lonely when you’re single”

So, from the realistic to the sentimental to the downright potty (I’m looking at you, ‘Saurus…!) we all view parenthood differently. Parenthood and our views on it can unite and divide. If there’s one thing that the past (almost) five years has taught me, it’s that having a sense of humour is absolutely vital when it comes to being a Mum, unless you want to go grey and mad in equal measure in a very short space of time.

If you have any “Parenthood is…” quotes to add, email me at with your quote and blog URL , if you have one, and I’ll do a follow up post containing them all.

11 thoughts on “Parenthood Is…

  1. Sometimes, especially if you have an out of control teenager who gets in trouble with the police, lies, steals, smokes cannibis and generally makes everyone’s life a misery, I do wonder if it is all worth it? Then I look at my other children, who dispite all of this are doing well and are happy. I know that I must carry on their sakes and hope that my eldest son will one day be the loving caring man I know he can be. Being a parent means to never give up hope but to know when you are fighting a losing battle. Sometimes, no matter how hard it is, you have to watch them distroy themselves and love them enough to pick up the pieces!

  2. I think it’s great to see so many parent’s definition of parenthood. There’s something very ‘real’ about it – which I think we all need to see, in order to realise that parenting is not an exact science.

  3. What a lovely post and a great idea to link all these fantastic bloggers.

    I love all these responses, each one will ring true with probably all of us!

    CJ x

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