A few weeks ago, I was browsing through some press releases (as you do…) and I noticed one from men’s skincare brand Audaca. Phrases like “aromatherapy principles” and “modern science” pinged off the page at me and immediately made me think of the man in my life. Husband has long suffered with sensitive skin and often keeps a beard rather than shave as it has such a horrible effect on his skin. Just recently, he’s started using a traditional shaving system of solid soap, shaving brush and safety razor (you know, like the one your Grandad used with a metal or Bakelite handle and disposable blades) which is much better for the face and I thought that the Audaca products with their natural ingredients would be a great accompaniment to his new routine.

Here’s what he thought of what we were sent:

I recently returned to traditional wet shaving after 10 years in the wilderness of electric razors and dry skin, and so far I’ve been enjoying some great results thanks to my newly acquired Merkur 23C DE razor and both Derby and Feather blades. But when you’re altering your grooming regimen it helps to experiment, in order to find the perfect combination of items for your skin and beard type, so when my Wife asked me if I was interested in trying these new, premium grooming products from Audaca I leapt at the chance.

First up I used the Audaca Scrub for my pre-shave wash and found it to be very effective without being unnecessarily abrasive. The aroma’s subtle and the pumice felt particularly good, leaving my face feeling clean but not sore – which is important before it undergoes the trauma of shaving.

The deed itself was done with Audaca’s Shave and I had mixed results. Initially I was pleased with the muted scent and rich feel of the cream, but when I applied it to my face I found it to be thin and it didn’t generate any sort of lather, which was a red flag.

The shave wasn’t good. My face felt largely unprotected by the cream, at times feeling like I was running the razor over bare skin. It didn’t reduce friction (on my beard type, at least) and left me with quite a few nicks where I wouldn’t ordinarily have any.

By the time I had finished I was feeling pretty sore and was keen to experiment with the Audaca Soothe, and I’m very glad I did. I applied a small amount to my face while it was still damp and it spread evenly, calming the burn which had been caused by the shave. Importantly (to me at least) it wasn’t at all greasy and the slightly woody aroma was nice too.

Overall I was pleased with the Scrub and the Soothe. They’re products which I’ll be adopting into my daily routine from here on in and if, like me, you have sensitive skin then I’d recommend you take a look at them too.

The cream, on the other hand, wasn’t up to muster in my humble opinion and it certainly won’t be replacing my usual soap but it might be worth trying if you have a lighter or less dense growth on your face and the scent is definitely appealing. 


Now, you can win an Audaca gift set for the male-type in your life (apologies if you are a male-type, you’d obviously win it for yourself…) by entering via the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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