Did you know, it’s estimated that 30% of people aged 30 and over snore? And what funny is that, actually, roughly 60% of people claim their partners snore, so the numbers could be anywhere in between! I am most definitely a snorer. It’s worse when I have a cold or sleep on my back (which is almost never) but when I do, it’s probably the only time that Husband is glad to be deaf in one ear, although I have been known to snore so loudly that he can still hear me, even when he presses his good ear into his pillow.

To be fair, we’re a family of snorers. Husband has a deviated septum from a childhood career as a one-man stunt team, which yielded various broken bones and it’s cute when Sausage gives the occasional nocturnal snort, but I suspect to the untrained ear the three of us would sound like a family of nasally-challenged hippopotami!

The other day, whilst trying to find a way to cure my nighttime noisiness,  I came across the Good Night Snoring website which is offering a free snoring ring to anyone who wants to review it for them. The ring acts on pressure points on your finger and is supposed to eliminate snoring altogether, without the use of sprays or drugs. They’re so confident that it will work, that they offer a money-back guarantee to anyone who doesn’t see good results with the ring.

Head over to THIS page for details on how you can get your hands on a snoring ring. I know I will be, because even as a cynic of anything non-prescribed, I reckon I’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a go and I may even allow my poor Husband to get a good night’s sleep!