UGG Slippers – Like a (H)Ugg for Your Feet

Did you see what I did there?! FNAR FNAR! 

Husband and I have a long running disagreement. He’s always telling me that I should buy clothes which are slightly more expensive and better quality and would therefore last longer. I tell him that I like the tremendous sense of value I get when I go into a cheap shop and buy 5 t-shirts, two pairs of trousers, a cardigan and a pair of pyjamas, all for the price of one pair of Levis. And besides, with the amount of ketchup I spill down my front, my clothes end up stained before they wear out properly anyway, so it matters not whether they’re cheap or not, the fact is; I’m a sloppy moo.

By this token, if you’d asked me if I’d ever spend £100 on a pair of slippers, I’d probably tell you to jog on…until today. For today is the day that these arrived:

My beautiful new UGG slippers. Apologies for the slightly awkwardly shot photo, but I had trouble taking it on account of the fact that I’m NEVER TAKING THESE OFF. When the box arrived, I opened it up and was astounded by the plushness (yes, that IS a word…honest) of the inners, it didn’t look like my feet would even fit inside, but I removed the cardboard and slipped them on. OH MAMA. I can honestly say that these are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put my feet inside.

They couldn’t have turned up at a better time either, we’ve had the heating off for a few days as Sausage’s temperature has been so high and I’m a cold-body at the best of times, so my feet were starting to feel like little icebergs. Not any more. Such cosiness they’ve never known! They look absolutely gorgeous too, the ones I’m wearing in the picture above are also available in a purpley colour, which are totally lush.

 I know a lot of people will reel at the idea of spending £100 on a pair of slippers but I commented to someone on Twitter that I can imagine these slippers lasting about 10 years, so when you think of them as an investment like that, £100 isn’t really that much. Sure, I got these for free to review, but now I know the quality of them I can honestly say that even I would save up the money and buy myself a pair of these anyway.

If you have a woman in your life who you love, or even mildly like, and want an idea of what to get her for Chrimbo, get her a pair of these. Trust me, she’ll thank you for it!

(I also love the fact that they’re currently selling pink, limited edition moccasins to raise money for Breast Cancer charity The Haven with £10 from every pair sold being donated.)

6 thoughts on “UGG Slippers – Like a (H)Ugg for Your Feet

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  2. You know, Jayne, I have never fancied a pair of Uggs until I saw this gorgeous pair on your feet. Absolutely loving the pink moccasins for Breast Cancer as well…drool. You lucky girl. If I was getting anything for Christmas this year, this would definitely be on my list.

  3. Being an ‘UGG person’ i do love these and sooo do want a pair! But, i dnt care how comfy they are, even i still cant justify spending that amount of money on foot wear that i cant wear outside! Although if someone else was of course to buy them for me i certainly wouldnt be sending them back! lol

  4. Oh Jayne, these look like heaven to my feet. I’m a thrifty Mama, but I strongly believe in good footwear. I have wide feet (and so do all my kids) so comfy leather footwear is essential to us…plus you pay more and they last much longer. I would love a pair of these! x

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