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The Gallery – Colour

It’s that time of the week again when Tara at Sticky Fingers gives us a theme and we all link up the photos which we feel best illustrate it. This week’s theme is colour and I kind of struggled here. Mostly because I wanted to link up a photo of Sausage, given the incredible golden shade of her hair and the fact that she’s a colourful little pickle who brightens up my life, but I don’t tend to post photos of her so I had to just suck it up and find something else!

The photo I’ve chosen is actually a bit ironic. You see, it’s a close-up of a bowl of Lucky Charms, which we were sent by a company to try. I was seriously reluctant after reading the ingredients but I let Sausage try one bowl, despite tweeting that NOTHING this colourful could contain any nutrition. Luckily for me, she actually hated them which made it a lot easier for me to say ‘no more’, and they got retired after just two spoonfuls, but not before I’d taken a photo or two of them (as is law for bloggers, right?!).



6 thoughts on “The Gallery – Colour

  1. The pastel colours just don’t look right for a proper breakfast cereal, particularly the blue!

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