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10% Inspiration, 90% Application…

It’s a funny old thing, writing a blog. I’m not sure if it’s just me or if it’s something that all bloggers go through but I seem to have three zones that I fall into; times when I have plenty to write about and blog often, times when I have no inspiration and blog posts are few and far between and my current zone, which is fairly new and unprecedented, where I have plenty of things to write about and simply not enough OOMPH to get on and do it.

I recently made a document on my phone to write blogging ideas on, possibly as a response to NaBloPoMo (thanks for not mentioning my immense failure on that front, by the way) as I often have ideas for posts which them fall out of my sieve-like skull only to never be remembered again. So I have a list of ideas on me at the moment, there’s about ten things on there, as well as review posts that I need to write, memes I could join in with, a veritable feast of inspiration in front of me but I just can’t seem to do any of it.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been ill on and off for the past month, between a viral, sinus type thingy that just won’t bugger off and my blood-vomiting incident, I’ve not been 100% for a while and I suspect my thyroid levels need testing too as I’m tired an unnatural amount recently.

The thing is, I love my blog. It’s probably the first time I’ve ever had an interest that I’ve invested this much time and effort into in my entire life, so having a page of ideas and no inclination to turn them into content is disconcerting. I want to write but my brain just isn’t letting me. Even this post right here, it’s at just over 300 words at this point and the effort I’m having to put in to actually finish and not just sigh a very loud “UUGHGHG” before clicking ‘Move to Trash’ is huge, it really is. I don’t know what’s the matter with me!

If anyone fancies guest posting for me, I’d love to hear from you. On a base, selfish level it’d be nice to keep the blog ticking over while my brain goes on holiday but I’d also love to host some new and fresh content and zhuzh things up a bit too! If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that most things go on Mum’s the Word and we love anything a bit subversive, so if you have a burning issue you want to shout about, let me know, even if you aren’t a blogger but just want a chance to blog. You never know, you might like it…*

*I don’t mean to sound quite so much like a drug dealer there…

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9 thoughts on “10% Inspiration, 90% Application…

  1. Sadly I am ALWAYS full of things to write about and lacking the energy to do it. It’s frustrating, as my blog has just started really picking up in traffic, and I’m getting steady hits every day around the same number, which is about double what it was two months ago. But at 6 months pregnant and incredibly sleep-deprived thanks to my insomniac toddler, I am struggling to get my thoughts out onto a page. So I have full empathy for what you’re going through. 🙂

    1. Let’s all run away and live in a blogging commune where the children parent each other and we all get pampered when we aren’t blogging. Sound like a plan?!

  2. I can fully relate to that at the minute. I’m in between zones at the minute. Whether its stress, time of year I don’t no but i fully agree with everything you said x x x

  3. I think blogging works best when you do it for you, which is why your blog is great. Why not just take some time out and I am sure as soon as you stop writing, your mind will be full of stuff. I have notepads everywhere and lots of draft posts. I try and fill my gaps with the reviews that I need to get out.

    Why not write a couple of christmas present posts. I am sure people would love some inspiration on what to buy you or other people!

    1. Thanks for the advice and the compliments! I’ve taken a step back and not tried to do anything too creative with my posts and posted a couple of guest posts too and I feel like I’m starting to get my mojo back a bit now.

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