Many families have concrete traditions with regard to celebrating birthdays – particularly for children. A birthday for a child is a very special event, and establishing a few traditions and expectations can be wonderful. However, occasionally it is also worth looking into new ways of celebrating. For example, in many families the mother or father makes a birthday cake for the child, whether it’s the same favourite cake every year, or a special request depending on the year. However, while this is a lovely tradition and a nice thing to do for your children, you may also want to consider trying something new, such as looking through a selection of M&S Birthday Cakes. It might feel a bit strange ordering a cake at first, but trying this new way of doing things can offer you increased convenience, more possibilities, and even lower prices.


Making a cake can take a great deal of time, particularly if you involve any sort of special design or ingredients. If your child prefers a simple cake for his or her birthday, it may not be much of a hassle, but if you decide to order a professionally made cake, you can have something spectacular delivered to you with just a few clicks of a button. With all of the other preparations that can go into setting up a child’s birthday, the convenience of ordering a cake online or from a cake shop is tough to match. Not to mention, the cake is still fantastic!


Even for parents who are efficient and skilled with baking cakes, putting a real theme or design into a birthday cake is tough work. It’s easy enough to simply write a few words and numbers with frosting once the cake is done, but when you order online you can choose from a variety of unique and creative designs. Whether it’s a cake designed to look like a football field with goals on either end, a cake built like a stack of presents, or simply an elegant cake with ornate, practiced writing, the options you have when you order from professionals are tough to beat. This can help you to make the cake an even more special element of your children’s birthdays.

Lower Prices

Some cakes, when ordered from professional bakeries, catalogues, etc. can become exceedingly expensive. However, there are also numerous fun and creative options that are available for fairly modest prices. And, ultimately, purchasing one of these cakes can end up costing you less than attempting to create the perfect cake on your own! It’s no guarantee, but it is important not to blindly assume that purchasing a cake will be more expensive, as this is often not the case.