Okay, okay, I’m sorry to start talking about Chrimbo so early, but I hate to tell you this – it’s not actually that far away now! We’ve started our Christmas shopping already, which is massively early for us, but I know people who have not only finished their shopping but actually got it all wrapped already!

We’ve been sent a few things to review recently, all of which would make fab pressies for the kiddos, especially ones of Sausage’s age, so I thought I’d do a round-up of them all there, just in case you were looking for some ideas for the 4-year-old girl in your life:

Jungle Junction Playsets

A while ago, we reviewed the Jungle Junction Hippo Bus for UKMums.tv and because we loved it so much, as soon as we were asked to review some more Jungle Junction set, we jumped at the chance! We were sent the Taxicrab Boat Play Set and the Race Launcher, both of which we absolutely loved. Both items are really well-built and as with the other Jungle Junction sets, they’re bright, durable, engaging and fun. The Race Launcher is especially good if you have more than one child and we can imagine a whole lot of fun being had on Christmas Day with character races going on!

Moo & Baa

Haba kits are great for so many things, including hand-eye co-ordination, imagination and learning safety, and the Moo and Baa kit is no exception. The farmyard pieces are simply stunning with bright colours and gorgeous illustrations and they have the feel of a really traditional, hard-wearing set about them. Sausage loves being allowed to use the hammer and tacks as it makes her feel really grown up and she also likes to use it to make story scenes.

Minilotta Nici Doll

This doll is intended for use in the bath and comes with a range of accessories  all of which can go in the bath too. I must admit, this particular toy has really invigorated Sausage’s interest in bath-time again and the mitt that goes with it has encouraged her to take more of a hand in bath-time and become more independent, all of which can only be good things. Giving a little girl a plush dolly which can be used in the bath is, quite frankly genius, and giving them one that has changeable outfits is off the scale of brilliant, so I can HIGHLY recommend this to little girls of pretty much any age.

Poppy Cat

We received the Poppy Cat Talking Soft Toy and the set of mini figures, both of which Sausage loves. The mini figures are popular as she loves to take a little toy along with her when we go out in the car and these are so perfectly pocket-sized that she tends to choose one of these every time. At the end of her bed, Sausage has a selection of cuddly toys that she calls her ‘Herd’ and only the best toys get a place in her Herd. The plush talking Poppy Cat was inaugurated into the role of Herd Member almost immediately, which should give you a clue as to how great this toy is!

If your little girl is yearning for anything in particular, I’d love to hear about it, all suggestions for Christmas are gratefully received!