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Rejection Sucks

Alternative title: Why I’d Like to Close the Curtains and Eat Cheese Toasties in My Pyjamas For The Next Week…

Let me set the scene:

In she walks, well dressed but professional. Her hair and make-up are well done but not so immaculate that she looks over the top. She’s confident, you can tell by her stride that she knows what she’s doing. She exchanges banter in the lift with the girl who’s been sent to bring her to the interview room and she takes in her surroundings, wondering if she’ll become more familiar with them in the near future.

“Come through, please”

She walks into the room, smiles, shakes three hands and waits to be told to take a seat.

Questions, questions, questions.

She answers most of them with confidence, but admits that there are one or two questions that she’s found tricky.

She makes her presentation.

They lap it up. 

They laugh in the right places, they clap, they ask if they can use her material for their own campaign in a ‘jokeybutkindofserious’ way

They’re all smiling.

One of them offers to show her back to the lift.

“You were great” she offers.

The woman tells her that she came across brilliantly, that she’d be perfect for the role, asks what’s her availability in terms of start dates?

She almost skips to her car.

“I’ve nailed it!” she thinks.

She goes home.

She waits.

And waits.




“We regret to inform you…”

“Bollocks”, she thinks.

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10 thoughts on “Rejection Sucks

  1. Ugh. I feel for you. I am AMAZING at interviews, truly. It sounds super conceited, but I’ve only ever had hugely positive feedback when I’ve interviewed anywhere. And yet, I’ve had more of these experiences than I care to admit. Sometimes it’s just that someone better or cheaper or thinner or younger comes along, and you just have to remember that it is THEIR loss.

    Thankfully, I’m now a full time mother and have no plans to have to interview anywhere for a very long time, but it still sets my teeth on edge when I think of the times I’ve aced an interview and STILL not got the job.

    Big hugs and wedges of cheese being sent your way. x

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