Closer to Nature

Closer to Nature

I’ve not done a Closer to Nature post for ages, mostly because I’ve not been near much nature lately! Between the daily school runs, the nights drawing in and the colder weather, being outside has not been high on my list of priorities!

It’s been Half Term here this week and typically, Sausage has been poorly for most of it, which is a real bummer, but today she’s feeling a bit better so we decided to blow some of the cobwebs away and go for a walk along the beach. As we approached the seafront, the black clouds were gathering and the wind was whipping around, but we still managed half an hour of rambling around.

The sky was a real mix of different colours and while one part was black and foreboding, to the other side of me there was blue sky and sunshine! I remembered that I now have a panoramic function on my iPhone so I decided to try and capture it all – and I think it came out quite well! (click to enlarge)

If you’ve taken any vaguely nature related snaps in the last month or so, stick them in a post and link them up below. There’s badge code in the sidebar that you can grab too, if you like!

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11 thoughts on “Closer to Nature

  1. I’ve finally linked up! Love your photo, you’ve captured the beach scene perfectly. I can almost taste the salt! I’ve not tried a proper Panoramic view yet, not sure I have the function on my phone but they always look great. I have panorenvy! ;D

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  3. Ooo liking the panoramic view – and the way it goes from grey skies to blue – I know which side I’d rather be stood on!

  4. I linked up a post which is a couple of months old but absolutely perfect – we were amazed to stumble across a really tame hedgehog at the park. The kids had never seen one before. Then, strangely enough, just last week, we went to a different park and came across a group of kids prodding a different hedgehog (unless it was the same one ?) lying on the ground looking in a bad way. I put it in a box and dropped it off at the vet’s – doubtful it would have survived though 🙁

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