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Don’t do it for me. Do it for The Kids!

Right, readers, listen here. I need a favour. Well, actually a friend of mine needs a favour and I’m calling on YOU to help me! Before I tell you what I want, I want to remind you for a few things:

  • I regularly put up AMAZING competitions to win high end prizes like window cleaners and fanny tighteners, just for your delight.
  • I SELFLESSLY provide you with hilarious commentary on my lack of mothering/housewifery skills, how fat and unfit I am and the aforementioned fanny that needs tightening. 
  • I NEVER canvas for votes in the MADs/BiBs/A. N. Other blogging awards

So bear all of this in mind.

My friend would like you to vote for his employers in the Music Industry Association Awards. The company is called Professional Music Technology (locally known as PMT – if that isn’t a reason to vote for them, I don’t know what is!) and they want to win MIA Multiple Retailer of the Year award. The employee who manages to get the most votes for the company will win a £50 prize and given the fact that Alex has 3 kids to provide for and as parents, we ALL know how expensive that can be, especially as one of his kids is a mini-giant and needs new shoes about every ten minutes, and you really want to help him out, RIGHT?!

Look, if none of this moves you just know that Alex is one of the nicest people I know and really deserves to win, especially as he let me blog about his wedding. In case you missed it above, HERE is the link. We want PMT to win MIA Multiple Retailer of the Year award. Geddit? Oh, and proceeds from the awards go to Music for All, which is a super charity.


20 thoughts on “Don’t do it for me. Do it for The Kids!

  1. Ladies (maybe Gents too, I don’t know) I thank you all enormously for your assistance…well my children do, if I win I can afford a turkey for Christmas this year rather than the turkey shaped Billy Bear we had planned on!

    1. I’m properly LOL-ing at the thought of you all having Billy Bear for Xmas dinner! Although I have it on good authority that your good lady-wife is an amazing cook, so I bet she’d even make that taste good 🙂

      1. She is fantastic! Hence how I’ve put on 7 stone in the 6 years we’ve been together (all her fault, nothing at all to do with my lack of will power). You need to bring the clan over to test it out!

  2. Tis done. I have seven email accounts so have used each one for a separate vote. Though to be honest there doesn’t seem to be anyway of verifying the email addresses so in theory you could put anything in there and vote hundreds of times

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