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Kärcher Window Vac – Review and Giveaway


Sometimes I get sent products to review that I’m genuinely excited about trying out and the Kärcher Window Vac is one of them. If you’ve not seen the adverts you’re not watching telly right, the vac is basically like the squeegee thing that you see a professional window cleaner using, except it actually sucks the water up as the blade moves over the glass.

I tested it on Friday morning, when Sausage was at school, and had amazing results. I didn’t charge it up, so it only lasted about the amount if time it needed to do a set of french doors and two medium windows, but on a full charge it’ll last much longer, 45 windows worth, in fact. The thing that struck me about it was the speed that I managed to clean the windows in. I used warm, soapy water and an old tea towel to actually wash the windows, then used the window vac all over them and it took me seconds to do each window. It was SO quick and I didn’t need any fancy window cleaning solution, I didn’t have to save up a years’ worth of free newspapers, I didn’t smell of vinegar afterwards and I barely even got my hands dirty. I made a video to show you how it works but it was, in all honesty, the worst demo video EVER, so here’s a rather more professional one!:

Be aware, I HATE cleaning, but using the Kärcher Window Vac was a genuine pleasure. I’m a sucker for a gadget but I expect a lot from things. I don’t put up with shoddy performance and often send things back if they don’t do exactly what it says on the tin, but this little diamond has got two very enthusiastic thumbs up (Clueless quote, for any children of the 90’s) from me. You can also use it to clean up spills, clean condensation from windows, cleaning car bodywork (imagine the time and effort you’ll save without having to use a chamois!), shower screens, marble worktops…the potential is endless!

The good news is, I have another one of these to give away! Fill in the Rafflecopter widget in the usual way and you can be in with a chance of winning!

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163 thoughts on “Kärcher Window Vac – Review and Giveaway

  1. Great little bit of kit
    Really takes seconds to do a window
    And does a really good job
    I found one cheaper than anywhere else

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    How do you make a tissue dance?
    Put a little boogie in it! 😀

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    Kermit the Frog’s full attention!

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    That’s the best I can do!

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  15. Just tried out a new machine at the gym. It’s fantastic, you should give it a go. It does everything; Mars bars, Kit Kats, crisps, everything!

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