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Mummy’s Make Up

EDIT: Although I started by tagging people, it’s just so flippin’ fun that I want everyone who wants to join in to be able to, without having to wait to be tagged, so if this takes your fancy get involved and tweet me the results! (@jaynecrammond)

Sausage decided this morning that she wanted to pretend to give me a make-over and I thought “what the heck!” and gave her free reign over my actual make up. These are the results…(click twice to enlarge the pic)

Despite encouraging Sausage to add as much as she like, she was actually quite muted…I expected to look like a clown! Her blending skills leave something to be desired and I got poked in the eyeball with a mascara wand but I think she’s done well, all things considered.

So, now it’s a challenge!

I’m going to tag some other bloggers who have to let their kids loose on them with the contents of their make up bags! The rules are:

  • You must offer them everything you have in your bag (except scissors or eyelash curlers, obviously!)
  • You must not influence colours or products being used
  • You must not help with technique
  • The photo you take after must be unedited and you cannot do any blending or adding before snapping

So, who are my victims participants going to be?

Well, I’ve actually had a slew of willing volunteers who want to get involved, so it’s over to you, ladies:

Minty from Waterbirth Please

Susanne from Ghostwriter Mummy

Laura from The Mummy Life

Lauren from The Real Housewife of Suffolk County

Maggie from Life at the Zoo

Fi from Childcare is Fun

Sian from The Yummy Mummy

Pippa from A Mother’s Ramblings

Nickie from I Am Typecast

I cannot wait  to see the results!

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