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Get Running – Day Two

So, yesterday was a rest day and today was the second run of week one. I have to say, even since Tuesday, things seem to be easier. My recovery time between each one minute run was shorter and I didn’t fall through the door gasping for water this time. I’ve been making sure I stretch before and after and I have a cool shower as soon as I get home (after cooling down properly) and I don’t even seem to be too achey.

The thought that today was easier than the first was actually really motivating as I kept thinking “Well, if today was easier, think how easy Saturday will seem!”. I don’t know if, in reality, that will be the case but it’s certainly a positive way to think about the whole thing and really helped me, mentally.

As I’m new to all of this, I didn’t want to have “all the gear and no idea”, like so many people do where they embark on a new hobby and go out and spend a load of cash on things the need but which just gather dust once they give up in a week. However, I’ve decided that if I’m to carry on, I want to invest in a couple of things. Luckily, Husband bought me a decent pair of trainers a couple of years ago which I’ve hardly used, they’re Nike and seem like a good match for my feet, so that’s not something I need to spend on. What I do need is some new headphones. As I said in my last post, the ones that come with the iPhone are both rubbish at staying in and quite honestly make me feel like a running mugger’s delight, I kept my hood up today to cover them up.

I also want one of those elastic bands that I can attach to my glasses to hold them on. Yes, I’ll look a knob, but there’s nothing more distracting than having to push your glasses up every five seconds (except maybe pushing rubbish iPhone headphones back in my ears)…and don’t even suggest contact lenses. Just don’t.

So far, I’ve been wearing jogging bottoms and one of Husband’s t-shirts, which is fine, but I’d like some actual dedicated running clothes. It’s going to be winter soon, so something thermally efficient would be awesome. Oh yeah, and maybe one of those water bottles you can hold while you’re running.

Not too much to ask, I don’t think?!

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