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Get Running – Day One

Yesterday was the first time I used my Get Running app and this is what I learned:


1. A minute of running can seem like an hour

2. A minute and a half of walking can go by in the blink of an eye

3. A male, un-neutered dog on a lead can be a perilous running companion, especially if it’s midday and there are a load of other dogs around.

4. Feeling your stomach jiggle with every footfall can be mighty off-putting

5. Ministry of Sound Funky House Classics is a great running album for tempo and taking your mind off of jiggling stomachs.

6. Run number 7 of eight runs is definitely the hardest.

7. I should probably take my inhaler with me next time.

8. You never feel like you deserve a nice shower more than when you’ve worked up a sweat by exercising.

9. Husband pointed out before I left that the lady talking you through the Get Running app sounds like Hattie Hayridge, and imagining that I’m being coached by Holly from Red Dwarf is a great distraction.

10. iPhone headphones are absolutely SHIT for running and fall out of your ears at least 5 times a minute.

11. I need some sort of strap to hold my glasses on because having to push them up my nose every two seconds is a massive embuggerance.

12. I actually quite like running!

5 thoughts on “Get Running – Day One

  1. Haha great post. The last time I went running was when Eva was a toddler. My chest hurt, my shoe came off when I rang through a very big marshy type puddle and a dog chased me! And I am TERRIFIED of dogs!! So never again but hats off to you missus! s

  2. Oh well done you! I used to run (pre-children) but haven’t got back into it yet… Maybe next year when littlest starts nursery and I’ll have the odd 5 minutes to myself again 🙂 I’ll be willing you on in the meantime, and hoping to learn some useful tips!

  3. I’ve just started running and am really enjoying it. Well done for getting started. I have not tried the Get Running App, will have to look for it. I am using Runkeeper which plots a map of your route

  4. never enjoyed running. happily did high jump, long jump, netball and swimming for the school but never ever did I enjoy running. Now give me a good push bike, or build me a covered swimming pool in my garden, may need to use 3 or 4 of the neighbours as well as mine not too big, and I would exercise all day

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