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“Why Do You Cross Your Legs When You Cough?” – Kegel8 Ultra Review and Prize Draw

The Kegel8 Ultra

The question above was posed to me by my darling Husband a while back and up until that point, I don’t think I’d realised that I did it. I had a caesarean with Sausage and I think I thought that pelvic floor exercises were something for those who’d managed to squeeze a human out of their fanny. But there’s no denying it, since childbirth, be it through the chuff or out of the sunroof, my pelvic floor has definitely weakened.

A couple of months ago, I had a stinking cough (not stinking because I stink of wee, honest) and on more than one occasion, I went into a coughing fit and came out of the other end with more than just a clear throat. There’s…leakage, shall we say? I’m not talking full-on piss-your-pants, just…oh shut up, you know what I mean, right? RIGHT?! Don’t leave me hanging here!

This isn’t easy to talk about for anyone, this post will probably be read by lots of people who know me in real life who I’ll probably now notice sniffing me to see if they can detect L’Eau de Urine next time we meet. But the fact is, it happens. Unless you’re a yoga bunny or have a tuppence that’s more toned than Jody Marsh’s new physique, the chances are you’ll have wee’d when you sneeze (Mammywoo, I’m looking at you love 😉 )

Anyway. The point to all of this public humiliation is that I’ve been sent something to review. It’s called a Kegel8 Ultra (RRP £117.99) and it’s an electronic muscle stimulator to help with stress incontinence. You know those Slendertone things you strap to your belly to give you abs without doing a million sit-ups? Imagine that, but distinctly more…probey. 

I started using it last night, and despite Husband’s insistence that it’s was probably just an elaborate vibrator and that he could probably rig it up to the mains for me if the supplied 9V battery wasn’t doing it for me, there’s noting pleasurable about it. It feels very weird. You can feel the whole area tensing up and for the first five minutes I had to sit and look at the display so that I could tell when it was about to go off, so that it didn’t take me by surprise, but you get used to it after a while and I even increased the intensity of the contractions a couple of times.

Kegel8 Day Toner

It’s easy to set up and use (although there wasn’t any lube in the box, as per the contents) and there are unlimited amounts of programs and options for you to choose from depending on the severity and cause of the problem, so it can be used by just about anybody (apparently there’s also an, erm, well, an anal attachment available separately, although I don’t even want to think about that!).

I’ll update you on my progress as I go along, I’m supposed to use it every day for 20 minutes and I’m not sure how long it’ll be before I see an improvement, but I may give it a month and then go and sit in the doctors surgery so that I can get another horrid cough and really test my new noonie muscles out. Jokes. 

So yeah. I wee when I cough. But I bet you do too, so that’s okay.

I’ve also, very kindly, been given 10 Kegel8 Day Toners (RRP £29.99) to give away to my lovely readers, just do the usual business with the widget below to be in with a chance of winning. Please read the Terms and Conditions of entry on the widget before entering.

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128 thoughts on ““Why Do You Cross Your Legs When You Cough?” – Kegel8 Ultra Review and Prize Draw

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  2. Im a really happy laughy person which is kinda tricky when you tend to wee every time you laugh ! Being fun yanno obviously i love our trampoline more than the kids but thats out of the question …….and my love life – well ohhhh blubb : ( may the worst vagina win

  3. When I first starting running and if I jump around a lot (with the kids etc – I don;t generally do random jumping up and down!)….. it can be very embarrassing and has all been since having the kids!

  4. I have to say I am not as bad as I was now that my youngest is 8! Which is a good thing…because after my first child who is now 15 I couldn’t jump up and down without erm ..erm…well ya know! lol
    Having a cold with a lot of coughing or sneezing involved is still not a good thing though! 😉

  5. An elderly relative said to me recently – The only good thing to being childless, is a ‘well sprung pelvic floor’

    (why didn’t she tell me this 26 years ago) – lol with legs crossed xx

  6. Up until recently my pelvic floor hasn’t been too bad but I have suffering from a chest infection at the moment and I keep leaking. Not too good while at work!

  7. When pregnant with our second child, my wife suffered morning sickness in the first few months. She often found when being sick, her pelvic floor let her down.

  8. I suffered a partial cystocele prolapse after the swift birth of my third child. I was referred to physio which helped, but in all honesy – I often forget to do my pelvic floors. I struggle now, when having a full bladder getting to the loo on time. It gets very frustrating at times, especially when my trolly dash accross the supermarket is not to the tills, but to the loo!

  9. Since turning the BIG 40 – I can no longer do aerobics at my local gym (soggy shorts) Belly laughs are best avoided and sneezing for me could be an Olympic sport.

  10. Hmm. Sneezing more of an issue. But only 1 baby so far so who knows what I might have to look forward to later in life!

  11. sometimes when i cough or sneeze, always remember to have pads with me just in case, worst was on a flight home from our hols in turkey when i ended up with a lousy cough and cold it was a night flight and i had to keep getting up to go to the loo to change myself

  12. I haven’t suffered with this yet – but am currently 12 weeks pregnant with my first child so I know i’ll be needing it soon!!!

  13. In the middle of invigilating a GCSE exam. I had to take a break and get the head teacher to cover for me for 5 minutes when he happened to be walking by the door

  14. I never had a problem after my first girlie, but after my 2nd I noticed my pelvic floor had collapsed through the floor!! Thankfully it has improved over time but still have to cross my legs when I sneeze!!

  15. Oh goodness the first time was at a circuit class that my friend persuaded me to go to with her. Well we did star jumps and my pelvic floor seriously let me down! After that I could only continue with the class with very minimal effort which then attracted the flipping instuctor who tried his best to make me work harder! It was a nightmare, and like lots of the others on here I dread it everytime the kids say “come on mum, come on the trampoline”….. argggg!

  16. Bouncy castle, trampoline anything like that is a no go, sneezing used to get me but that has improved, my baby is 6 months old now and its got a bit better since her birth

  17. My grandson always wants me to go the trampoline- unfortunately my pelvic floor muscles don’t!! I ususally have to pretend to be too tired to do more than half a dozen bounces – so not only the indignity of those leakage problems, my grandson shouting out to all the nighbours his granny is just so old and runs out of energy too quickly!!

  18. My biggest ahem pelvic floor accidents always happen on the trampoline. Now my kids count aloud each time I bounce and either fall about on the floor when I suddenly stop bouncing, or cheer when they reach 10!!!

  19. It’s so reassuring to see other women suffer with this, sometimes you think it’s just you and it’s not something that is readily talked about. I dread having a cold and never go anywhere without clean pants and spare towel and light coloured trousers or skirts are a definite no no

  20. I had a vivid green silk skirt on at a wedding, I went to pick my then toddler up and had a little accident which left a rather noticeable patch on the skirt, fortunately I lived near the venue and went home to change, claiming I had sat in something at the venue!

  21. After seven children I was ok until I had to move some very heavy boxes a few months ago. Used to have reasonable success with exercise but no so much lately. Would love to win one of these!

  22. Cough , cough , cough (another wet day even when the sun is shining)

    Tweeted and shared on FB thank you!

  23. Thank you sooo much for this blog post, it’s something that never really gets talked about much but so many of us ladies find ourselves dealing with and all the embarrassment that goes with it in silence. Great to see so many women sharing, certainly makes me feel better 🙂 Ever since having my son I am far more aware of if I’m going to sneeze and find myself doing the leg-crossing (although I’ve had a few red-faced moments in Waitrose!). But it’s laughing that really gets me, if I’m watching Eddie Izzard or Tim Minchin I tend to stick in a panty liner to save myself the worry!


  24. Singing old George Michael Songs on a four mile walk home from work with my best friend, we both had an accident because we ended up laughing so much!

  25. Its the trampoline for me! My boys keep on at me to go on it with them, but last time was sooooo embarasing, 🙁 so glad i was at home, but bad enough in front of hubby who found it hilarious! (thanks luv!:))

  26. I have used one of these before from the hospital. They only let you keep it a wee while and they were too expensive to buy. I have given birth to 5 healthy weight babies and my pelvic floor has really taken a battering and as I get older its going to get worse so to win this would be fantastic for me.

  27. my mum has had five kids and it stops her from being able to do things such as going on walks bowling etc like you say a sneeze can even set it off

  28. About 4 weeks ago, six months pregnant with my 4th daughter, coughing fit in front of one of my year 8 classes. Nuff said….!

  29. I have to be careful when I’m on the trampoline with the kids especially if I already need a pee

  30. I was fine after my first, but my second just seemed to leave me not as I was before 🙂 With having asthma every time I get wheezy I can notice it, I keep trying to do my pelvic floor exercises say everytime I hit a red light but I soon forget until the next coughing / wheezing incident 🙁

  31. After having my daughter My cough reflex seems to be attached to my bladder – the worst was a coughing fit while driving home from shopping – you can imagine the results – Note to self – must work harder on my pelvic floor routine!!!

  32. I completely know what you mean on this subject, having to go to the physio for it today !!! 2 years after I had my daughter ! It came to a head when I had a bit of a poorly tummy and ended up being sick and yes you can guess what happened eurgh not good 🙁

  33. I now have my coughing under control but a big sneeze and I’m in trouble! Whilst I’m sharing embarrassing moments I’ve also found that since having my boy I’ve turned into my mother and grandmother for flatulence – I’m not painting a pretty picture of myself am I!! Good old rom com after a sunday roast and I could be mistaken for an old dear in the nursing home…. I’m 40!!

  34. I have enormous sneezes, so you can imagine what it’s like just now with my hay fever…..but at least today I haven’t got a thin cotton dress on where leaks really show.

  35. Its not as much when I cough but when I laugh, and once I start I can’t stop. Very very embarassing

  36. I have suffered since having my little boy two years ago. I know have trouble when I sneeze, cough or laugh too hard! I often keep spare knickers in my bag if I go out!

  37. I forgot my hayfever tablets and and was wearing some beige linen trousers when we were on a day out miles from any shops . Thank god for sanitary towel machines in the loos

  38. Only once, after a few glasses of wine it seemed the right thing to start bouncing on a trampoline. It was definitely NOT the right thing to do!

  39. Had a sneezing fit after a drink or two. My slight tipsiness meant I forgot to do the usual panic squeeze and twist. I know you know what I’m talking about. Waddle of shame to the loo…

  40. Ironically I have a gynae appointment tomorrow for just this reason. Problem started after childbirth 🙁 it’s no laughing matter (no pun intended).

  41. coughing, sneezing and the worst of all is when your having a good laugh with friends. The most popular night out for me/family/friends is going to a comedy show. Im sure you can understand the sort of problems I have.

  42. I have hayfever, and sometimes have a tiny leak when I have a sneezing fit. Also I was once wearing some trousers that had four buttons on them, and just couldn’t get them unfastened in time before I started leaking. So needless to say after having three kids, I would find this very useful.

  43. I have a serious issue with coughing and sneezing and it has got so much worse since having two children! xx

  44. lol after 5 kids my pelvic floor is extremely weak tbh i am on waiting list to repair they suggested something like the above aid but being out of work money-wise its not an option however would love the chance to try this out and see if it works,anything to stopping a lil wee coming out whenever you sneeze or laugh and to not have to wear thin towels even when not time of month just to prevent any embaressment will be a blessing in my eyes! lol.

    1. O yes, and doesn’t it get SO much more urgent the second you clap eyes on the loo or try to get your keys in the front door?!

  45. Sadly it has only taken one baby (so far) to have made my pelvic floor rather weak and now every now and again a sneeze or a cough catches me off guard. I blame my son’s big head when he was born. I could really do with some help especially since I want to have lots more babies and I dread to think what it will be like after I have more

    1. Ooh, you’ve made my eyes water thinking about big headed babies! I hope any future children are proportionate and petite!

  46. i think my main problem is trying to get off the loo after i have stopped going to the toilet, it can carry on and i cannot stop it. after 3 kids i suppose its not surprising lol i am constantly doing my own excercises now and it seems a little better now

    1. That’s so funny, we’ve just bought Sausage a trampoline and I’ve not been brave enough to go on it yet!

  47. I’ve had two natural births and although peeing isn’t an issue as yet I think prevention is far better than cure! I’ve used love egggs etc before they they don’t do anything for me! x

  48. So umm not my usual sort of online commentary I have to admit. But having squeezed a bowling ball weight baby out of my chuff in 2009, and the following year squeezed out a slightly more lithe human and had another taken out the sunroof, in the same night, I’m well versed in the pissy pants aftermath of childbirth…I suffered from a modest diastis recti (look it up), so as far as pelvic floor excercises, forget it there’s nothing left there. My neutrons might as well be firing off into the desert, when I try and tell them to contract anything in that region…

    Ok so I maybe exaggerating slightly. However I did try to regain something akin to the shape and fitness I had before…pah! Anyway I found that after doing my excercises mainly jumping round my living room like a loon, I could no longer contain the contents of my bladder, not necessarily a full on wee, but nonetheless enough to ensure I won’t be signing up to any fitness classes anytime soon. I keep meaning to see the dr, but I kind of cured it by stopping the excercise, but I need to work on it. If I win this kegel maybe I can start popping ping pong balls out of my noonpiece instead!!!

  49. Coughing is not the problem for me, it’s sneezing unexpectedly. Highly embarrassing In front of a delivery driver.

    1. Haha, yep, coughing, sneezing, laughing too hard – it’s all fair game as far as my bladder is concerned!

  50. I suffer from this but it’s to do with my HMS, infact I’ve had problems since I was a child. I used to be embarrassed but it’s way more common than people think, it’s just no one talks about it! I’d love to win one of these and see if it can help!

    1. I was surprised by how many people of our age DO suffer, you think of it as an old persons problem but I’m glad I’ve found a solution before I’m old and in full-on nappies!

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