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Happy Birthday to Me. Here, Listen to Some Music…

As it’s my birthday today, I thought I’d hand the blog over to you guys and last week asked you to tell me what your favourite songs were from 1984, my year of birth, a bit of croudsourced entertainment if you will. Here are some of them:

Husband’s Choice (although I should add, the person who’s uploaded it has called it ‘Phil Oakley’, which incensed Husband greatly.)

Laura of ‘The Mummy Life‘s Choice

My Best Friend, Jamillah’s Choice

Carol of Dormouse and the Teapot‘s Choice

My lovely friend Elaine’s Choice

Sian To of Cybher and Mummy-Tips fame’s Choice (who guessed it’d be a Smiths song?!)

The gorgeous Steph’s Choice

And finally – MY CHOICE!

Thanks so much to everyone who made a suggestion, I hope there’s something here that everyone can enjoy, I didn’t realise until I started researching this post that 1984 was actually an amazing year for music. Have a nice day everyone, normal service will resume once the festivities have died down!

One thought on “Happy Birthday to Me. Here, Listen to Some Music…

  1. Seeing as I was 12 in 1984 I actually remember all those songs, as it was kind of the time I got into music and buying singles (eek!). Good choices all round, it was definitely a good year just based on those tunes alone! Happy birthday 🙂

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