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The Night That KFC Made My Head Explode…

Woman brings my food over to the ‘blue’ space she instructed me to wait in, 20 minutes before, where two melted pots of ice cream sit on the seat next to me.

Me – “Is the gravy in the bag?”

(anyone who does KFC properly knows the importance of the gravy)

Woman – “Yeah, it’s in the box”


Get home.

No gravy.


Me –


.gif courtesy of Uncyclopedia. Rights belong to whoever it was who made Scanners…

3 thoughts on “The Night That KFC Made My Head Explode…

  1. This is what i hate taking out food. Mostly there is a missing and it is gravy..
    I know how it feeels like… my head also explode.

  2. That happens so often. Not that we get KFC often (cough).

    Last week I decided to have one for my lunch (comfort eating again) but had no cash. Tried their card machine, wouldn’t work. They told me to park up and go in and try the one on the main counter, wouldn’t work. It wasn’t my card as I’d just been paid and it was one of the four or five days at the beginning of the month when I know with certainty that there’s money in there 🙂 Anyway I told them I didn’t have any cash so I’d have to go and not bother, but as they’d already got my box meal ready, the manager told me to take it anyway! So I actually got a free meal!

    And then I got in my car and drove home and opened the box to find they hadn’t put my beans in.


    Still, free chicken.

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