Rug Doctor – The Results

Last week I blogged about my disastrous experience in trying to acquire a properly working Rug Doctor carpet cleaner, after being sent a voucher for 24hrs hire and a 1l bottle of cleaning detergent. I won’t rehash what I said, just know that it was a massive embuggerance.

After writing said post and tweeting the Rug Doctor team, I got this reply:

I was really pleased to read this, it proved that Rug Doctor take their reputation seriously and don’t just let their franchisees hand out shoddy service.

So, how did the machine perform? Well, I have several pictures of the results, but one that illustrates it better than all of them.


That particular strip of carpet is right in front of the french doors, which is our only means of getting into the garden, so that grime is two and a bit years worth of Chuck running in and out before we could wipe his muddy feet, along with me, Husband and Sausage walking in and out a few thousand times. We knew the carpet was dirty, but it’s only once you see the contrast that you realise just how dirty it really was.

Obviously, we’ve done the whole room, not just that one strip and the carpet has come up beautifully. The high-traffic areas look miles better, the stains are greatly reduced and the pile of the carpet seems rejuvenated too. It’s taken a while to dry (we cleaned it on Friday and it’s now Sunday and still slightly damp) as we’ve had horrible weather and haven’t been able to have the French doors open the whole time, but it’s getting there.

Last week, if you’d have asked me if I recommend Rug Doctor, based on the service we had from that one shop, I’d have said no. Ask me today, as I sit here on my new sofa on our newly cleaned carpet and I’d say ‘HECK YES!’. In our local B&Q, the rental costs £22.98 for a 24hr rental, plus about a £12 for the detergent (you can also get upholstery attachments and dedicated detergents too) which will clean up to two rooms, so if you have carpets that need cleaning, you could get your rooms looking like new for less than £35. No-brainer, if you ask me.

Oh, and just to cover a few technical questions:

  • The machine is light and will fit in the boot of a normal sized car. I collected the machine myself and had no trouble lifting it.
  • The process itself is pretty quick, providing you have no problems, I reckon you could clean a decent sized room in under an hour.
  • It’s seriously easy to use, you fill it up, switch it on, drag it around and BOOM, clean carpets.

Seriously, get yourself to B&Q. Your carpets will thank you.

This is the colour of the liquid after it was sucked out of our carpets. Grim.

11 thoughts on “Rug Doctor – The Results

  1. The spellcheck issues just add to the rustic feel of the post, I wouldn’t worry!

    As you say though, the Bear Grylls look is hard to achieve – not the physical look, no, that can be achieved by donning a smug bastard smile and holding an unjustly high opinion of oneself. The room took nigh on 2 years of mud, sweat and damp dog!

  2. I used to love those mud wrestling competitions we used to hae in the living room. Besides, Tony always said he idolises Bear Grylls, and wanted that “outdoor feel” so he old pretend to be his hero.

  3. I was asked to review this as well, but as we’ve got a Vax I saw it as a little pointless. However, it’s so rewarding cleaning them isn’t it? Seeing the dirty water, no matter how grim, is also really satisfying!

  4. Can I just add that we *did* clean the carpets in that 2 and a half year period, with regular cleaning products etc. – we didn’t just tramp mud around and then wallow in it.

    I’m not houseproud – but I just wanted to reiterate that we aren’t filth wizards.

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