I’ve had this post zooming around in my head for a while (the title alone just smacks of something that’s been over-thought, right?!) but even now I’m still not sure about what I mean to write.

Sausage is going through a new stage in her development. She seems to have…’discovered herself’. Or, more accurately, discovered what’s inside her knickers. She seems to have developed a…I won’t say fixation…but certainly a liking for exploring her body. Now, I’m sure all of you really cool, together, knowledgeable parents out there are reading┬áthis whilst knocking back a Pimms and feeling all superior about my inability to adequately deal with this situation, but I am stumped.

The problem I have is this; I know what she’s doing is perfectly normal. It’s natural, it’s not some nasty habit, it’s just what kids do. But I tend to make a joke of things, or be a bit too forthright. Which means when I see her doing it, saying “Stop diddling your middle!” is probably not the best way to handle it. For all of my good intentions and wishes to be a good mother, I seem to just be an insensitive, ill-prepared bulldozer.

I’ve read various articles on the subject and lots of them say that you should talk┬áto your child about what they’re doing, even suggest a private place for them to explore themselves. Am I the only one who reads this and thinks “WHAT THE F*&K?!”. I cannot suggest to my almost-4 year old that she take herself off to the bedroom to explore her anatomy. That’s weird, isn’t it?

As I said, I know what she’s doing is a normal stage of her development, and I’m sure she’ll grow out of it as quickly as she grew into it, but in the meantime I’m uncomfortable, unprepared and a little bit daunted by the situation. I’m really hoping someone will comment and tell me to just ignore it until it goes away. That’s still good parenting, right?!