Rescue Your Videotapes – A Giveaway

Anyone who has precious memories saved on video tape will know that as the years go by, those tapes become even more delicate. It would be a tragedy if the tapes were to break, leaving you without your mementos of births, birthdays, graduations and all of those other wonderful occasions that we like to watch over and over.

Here at Mum’s the Word, we have 5 copies of ‘Rescue Your Videotapes v4.0’ to give away, each worth almost £50, which gives you everything you need to convert your VHS to watch on your PC, DVD or Blu-ray disc. Just fill in the entries below to give you up to 4 chances to win!

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22 thoughts on “Rescue Your Videotapes – A Giveaway

  1. I really want this for my special girl: she loves her video tapes recorded from MTV in the days when it played actual music. They are 10 years old now and still watched every day, but often need lots of winding and rewinding before they work. This is exactly what she needs 🙂

  2. Where do I begin? Ok, with the first thing I’d transfer – my copy of the first performance of Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Oratorio in Liverpool Cathedral – which I took part in! A unique experience I’d love to be able to see again.

  3. I’d like to save a video (well, the one and only video) I have of my Mum before she died. I was about 8 when it was filmed and it had snowed so heavily outside. I was 15 when she died and don’t have much to remind me of her :-/

  4. Would have to be my videos from when I was little as it’s got my nan and grandad in them and there no longer with us so its something I always want to treasure x

  5. I’d love to transfer our wedding video to tape, mainly because my father and several aunts and uncles are no longer with us

  6. Thank you so much to everyone who has offered to give me their entries – you have absolutely made my day and I am deeply touched by you all xx Honestly, I cannot express how much it means to me, thanks again xxxx

  7. I have no real use for this, seeing as I don’t own any VHS of anything important (other than the BFG) – I’d love you to put my entry towards Steph winning one of these.

    I know how much it would make her day if she won it and she deserves to have something of her mum to keep the memories alive.


  8. I have loads of memories on VHS in the loft that I need to sort out, However like Tony if I won i’d pass it to Steph as those memories should be saved and treasured xx

  9. All of them! Nothing cheers me up more than watching old home movies and they’re all special to me.

  10. Oh wow Jayne, I would soooooo love to win one of these. My middle Son turns 21 next wk and my eldest was 21 last year and Ive been thinking about the many many video tape recordings I have of them as children. Some of them hilarious like the time when they were around 10 and along with a few friends (who they are still best friends with) decided to be the Backstreet Boys. Their routine was brilliant and so funny to look back on. Great memories @mamamakes

  11. I would like to preserve the making of and the music promo I made when I was 17, including the bit where I fall backwards down a hill

  12. It would be amazing to win one of these – I have the only footage I own of my Mum on videotape (my parents and a 2 year old me at the park) and I’d be heartbroken to lose it. What a fantastic competition! 😀

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