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What I’m Wearing to Cybher

Sian To, the lovely organiser of Cybher and blogger at Mummy-Tips has urged us all to share our outfits for Cybher with this link-up, so I tried to be all clever and use Polyvore or ShopStyle to create a look, but both websites appear to hate me, so I’m doing a simple collage instead. The look I’m going for is comfy and casual, with a few splashes of colour.

White Neppy Vest – Next It’s a damn sight more see through than it looks on the site though, so I’ll need to wear something underneath it!

Beige Chinos – Next I wanted something comfy and casual without resorting to my usual uniform of jeans

Pink Cardigan – Next As close to Cybher pink as I could find, though a lot darker in real life than it looks on the site

Birkenstocks – Amazon These are from the Papillio range, which is the usual super-comfy Birkenstock footbed but with uppers made of on-trend prints. I’m a sucker for anything animal print and Husband got masses of Brownie points when he randomly ordered these for me a few weeks ago!

Lego Heart Necklace – Etsy Again, a gift from Husband, I tend to wear this all the time, it’s like my comfort blanket. I’ve had so many compliments on this necklace and it’s so geeky and adorable, I just love it.

So, that’s me. I’ll no doubt be sporting my Cath Kidston bag that I got for Chrimbo as I tend to use that every day too. So now, if you’re at Cybher and you don’t recognise my face, you might recognise me from my outfit so come and say ‘Hi’!

13 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing to Cybher

    1. Thank you, I might even pluck up the courage to speak to some people this time, unlike at Cybermummy!

  1. Love that necklace, how fun! Great idea about the recognise my outfit if you don’t recognise me. I think that’s a pretty clever idea, like a red carnation but more modern!

    See you there, I’m posting my outfit today so we’ll see whether you can find my jacket (clue: it’s not going to be easy to miss!)

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