Peppa Pig Minis – A Review

We’re big fans of Peppa Pig in this house – I think I get more exicted than Sausage  when new episodes come out! A little while ago, we were asked to review some Peppa Pig mini games and we’ve been sent three different items to play with.

Mini Stick on Felts (RRP £9.99)

These were a big hit with Sausage, she loves being able to make a million different scenes and then start all over again by simply peeling the felts off of the board. I don’t know if I’d recommend them for travel as I reckon you’d be finding Peppa shaped felts down the back of your car seats for years to come, but they were still very popular with Sausage.

Mini Sketchy Fun (RRP £5.99)

This was the biggest hit of all with Sausage as she’s MAD about drawing and writing. It’s a product with so many uses too, she uses it for drawing by herself but Husband and I have also been using it to test her on her words and letters in as many inventive ways as we can think of. I’d recommend this for any kid, but especially if they’re learning to read and write as the novelty value makes learning even more fun.

Mini Dough Set (RRP £6.99)

If you’ve read this, you’ll know how I feel about play dough.


In terms of the moulds and tools that came with this set, they were lovely, very cute little toys. Again, I’m not sure of these as travel toys, play dough and cars is just asking for a royal mess. I’m not a fan of dough and, as predicted, one pot dried out within about 48 hours from being left open and the other one is currently in the process of being scraped out of my carpet, but if you have a slightly older kid (or one who is unusually tidy) this is still a nice set.

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