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Jubilee Outfit Emergency!

Don’t you just love that thing that kids do?

“Mum, can I have a drink please? Oh yeah, by the way, I’m going to a party tomorrow…”

Cue parental panic and frantic searching for details of said party, but after a quick phone call to Nursery, we discovered that the party is in fact on Friday, but there is a Jubilee theme, so the kids should be accordingly attired.

Right. Okay.

Off we went to town to look for something for Sausage to wear. First stop, Next. They had loads of pretty dresses, shoes and what-not made of various Union flag print material, but we wanted to get her something that she’d wear more than once, so we went for this:

Which will be teamed with these:

and maybe some Union Flag hairclips and white ankle socks. What do we reckon? Jubilant enough?! It’s nice for little girls to wear dresses and I can be quite old fashioned with Sausages clothes at times but I thought this was a funky little outfit that she can wear all of the items of again and again.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Mum’s the Word Recommends: H&M Summer Basics

Just so you know, this is in no way, shape or form a sponsored post or a review, it’s just a genuine shout-out for something we love, totally unsolicited.

I tend to find it a bit difficult to find summer dresses for ladies who are slightly larger of bust. Cotton dresses have no give in them and never fit over my chest and anything that is big enough for the girls is usually like a sack on me everywhere else. During our recent trip to Lakeside (the day after we got our car!) I dragged Husband and Sausage around the massive H&M in there and found these dresses:

It’s as though someone made them specially for me! They aren’t too low cut so you don’t get major boobage on show, they’re a perfect length (I can put Sausage in the car and not show the world my bottom), they have a tie round the middle which gives you a bit of shape and they’re cool and light. They also come in loads of colours, I think there are yellow, orange and white in addition to the ones above and can be dressed up of down, accessorised in a million ways and are just generally super versatile. But do you want to know the best bit?

They’re £7.99 each! I have the five above (and I only don’t have the others because the yellow and orange don’t suit my colouring and I have issues about fat girls in white!) which will basically see me through the whole summer for less than £40!

It gets better.

Got a little girl?

£2.99 EACH! The pictures don’t do them justice, they are really pretty little dresses, a great length and perfect for summer. The prints are gorgeous and at less than three quid each, Sausage can roll about in the mud in them for all I care! They actually wash up very well too and have withstood some serious stain-remover soaking! Sausage teams hers with leggings on cooler days and if it was really cool you could every put a t-shirt underneath. They look great with trainers, Birkenstocks, all sorts!

Hennes have properly sorted us out this year and I think Husband is secretly glad to have been dragged in there as, in the long run, we’ve saved him a small fortune in more expensive summer clothes!

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Parental Choices: Consider Me Shocked.

Last night, I went to the chip shop to fetch some tea after a busy day for all of us and after I ordered I stood outside because it was frightfully warm with all of the fryers going. Our local chippy is along a busy main road which is mostly residential but has shops at various points along it, a busy dual carriageway at one end and a large alley running next to an allotment opposite the chip shop.

The reason I bring all of this up is this:

I want you to focus on the lighter silver coloured Ford car in the picture. Can you see, the rear passenger window almost all the way open? Can you see how far away it is from where I’m standing? It’d take at least 4 seconds for me to get to that car from inside the shop and that’s if the traffic is clear, which having lived along this road I can tell you it rarely ever is.

Now, consider this: there’s a kid in the back of that car.

I watched the Mum get out, lock the doors and tell her little boy who was probably a little younger than Sausage, so around three maybe three and a half, “I’ll be back in a minute”. I then watched the mother disappear inside the newsagents next to the chippy, which has completely papered over windows so no view out once you’re inside. I stood there for over 4 minutes watching that car with the little boy inside. I stood there thinking how easy it would have been, even with locked car doors, to drag that little boy through the open window, get in my car and drive off.

I realise I’m in danger of gaining a reputation of being judgemental, but I’m begging you, tell me, it’s not just me who thinks this is mental, right? Even if the kid was slightly older, the windows were shut, the car was closer, I’d still think this was a stupidly risky thing for that mother to do. Does she not read the papers?  Do the names Madeline McCann, James Bulger, Danielle Jones mean nothing to her?

I’m genuinely sitting here unable to get this event out of my head. Something that the other mother probably hasn’t thought twice about, a non-event in her day to day comings and goings. All I can say is, I pray and hope my anxieties are never realised for this woman, no matter how careless she may seem to me.

Is this something you’d do? Am I a mental, over-protective mother? Does it make you sad that we are forced to think this way because of crime? Let me know.

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Parenting FAIL – Naming and Shaming Myself

Today, we got to nursery and Sausage’s keyworker asked me “Does she have any sunscreen on?” – Er, no, I had to answer.

“Okay, no problem, does she have any in her bag?” – Errr, no…

*feels (correctly) judgemental glare of keyworker*

Despite everything that has happened to our family in the past three years, despite Sausage being fair of skin and red of hair, despite having a ‘dodgy’ mole removed myself last year, despite me tweeting and Facebooking to remind everyone else, I am still  and absolute failure, a fucking JOKE of a person when it comes to remembering sunscreen.

I am utterly ashamed of myself, which is why I’m writing this, to shame myself even further and make sure I never again forget sunscreen.

Oh. And when I picked her up, she was wearing a ‘nursery hat’. Looks like I failed on that front too.

Off to the shops I go.