Gigs – A Meme.

This seems quite fitting following the Rammstein review I posted a couple of days ago, but I have to confess, I was not willingly tagged, I nagged @motherventing and @babberblog until someone said, “Er, yeah, I tag you and stuff…whatever”, or words to that effect. So here it is, a meme about gigs.

First Gig

This is quite an impressive one, I think. I’d been to see local bands and stuff before this, the the first real, proper gig I went to was the “Mastercard Masters of Music Concert for the Prince’s Trust”. Basically, at the first gig of my life, I got taken to Hyde Park and cut my gigging teeth at the age of 13, watching Alanis Morrisette, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Jools Holland and The Who. Yes, The actual frigging Who! They were doing a Quadrophenia show and even had Phil Daniels and Trevor MacDonald performing with them. Needless to say, it was immense and will be remembered for the rest of my life.

Worst Gig

Sheesh. There have been a few. I have to confess, I may  have gone through a stage of liking Busted…I’ll give you a moment to recover.
*drums fingers*
Look, all I will say is, I liked Hanson when I was even younger, so I must have a thing for three-piece pseudo-rock boy-bands.
I’m making it worse, aren’t I?
Charlie Simpson. Real-life TWAT.

The thing is, despite seeing Busted in concert three times, the worst gig I ever went to was when Charlie Simpson (of Busted. Shut up, alright?) started playing with the band he’s in now, Fightstar. While the gig itself wasn’t too bad, the only people who would go with me were my parents. So there I was, a 20 year old woman in the Barfly in Camden with her parents. Oh and my Dad had just had a knee operation and Charlie Simpson and his flunkies almost knocked him over, so I screamed down the stairs at him about being “TOO FAMOUS FOR FUCKING MANNERS?!”. And then I met Harry from McFly outside and had my picture taken with him.

Remind me why I wanted to do this meme again?!
Best Gig
The best gig I ever went to was when I saw Foo Fighters in Hyde Park. It was incredible, finally getting to see my favourite band live, especially as they were supported my Motorhead, Juliette and the Licks and Queens of the Stone Age.
The only downside is that they were also supported by Angels and Airwaves who, quite frankly, suck donkey balls.
Last Gig
See above. It’s been a while.
Dream Gig
Hmm, this is tough, I could give you a list of people I’d like to see that would read like my own personal Woodstock, but really I think my dream gig would be to see Foo Fighters again, but in a small, intimate venue where they do some  acoustic songs, interact with the audience, have a chat…you know.
(and then invite me up on stage to do a rendition of Everlong with them, which has the audience weeping tears of pure joy because of the beauty of it all…ahem)
I think I’m supposed to tag people now, but I want everyone to have the chance to do it, so go on if you fancy it, leave me a comment below with the link, I’d love to read your answers too.


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