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It’s funny how life goes, isn’t it? You can be cruising along at a comfortable pace and then BAM! Something comes along and changes everything. Only, this life-changing event seems quite apt, it’s happened at a time that’s coincided with other events and I’ve woken up today feeling reborn.

(No, not like a born-again Christian, you should now me better than that by now!)

If you’re reading this, you’ll have cottoned on to the fact that this is my first post on the new URL, which is a rebirth in itself and it’s feeling very good at the moment. New me, new URL!

Today, instead of going to work, I took Sausage to nursery, came home (via the shops where I bought myself some cappuccino for my Tassimo machine!), tinkered with the settings on the blog, caught up on some emails. Then I went to pick Sausage up from nursery, which is something I never used to be able to do and we walked to the swimming pool, doing this along the way:

After swimming, which was fab until a kid pooped in the pool, we came home and had lunch together, something else I don’t get to do with Sausage on a Wednesday. We’ve spent our day singing songs, laughing, having fun and generally feeling free and easy.

It’s not too bad, this unemployment lark!

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