Sausage is a bit funny about films, there are only a few feature length titles that she’ll put up with, everything else gets the elbow after about 20 minutes. On the list of successes, we have Lilo and Stitch, Lilo and Stitch 2, Stitch the Movie (can you see a theme here?!) My Neighbour Totoro, Arrietty, Ponyo, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Rio and Finding Nemo, amongst others. On the list of “Hmm, not so much…” we have The Aristocats, Cars, Lady and the Tramp and Bambi.

Just before Easter, the lovely peeps at Warner Brothers asked us if we’d like to review a copy of Happy Feet 2 on Bluray and I thought this would slot nicely into Sausage’s rotation, especially as she seems to love anything that involves animals. It also worked out well as we were both poorly almost the entire two-week period, so a bit of extra entertainment wouldn’t go amiss.

I have to say, I never anticipated just what a roaring success Happy Feet 2 would be. I’m being deadly serious when I say that Sausage has watched it almost EVERY DAY since it arrived. She knows the dialogue, the songs – she even dances along, penguin stylee!

It’s a brilliant film, I love the fact that it’s one of those kids films that has just as much for adults as it does for the kids. The soundtrack is hugely diverse, compiled of covers of Queen, Janet Jackson, sixties doo-wop band The Rivingtons and even an aria from Tosca! It also helps that a lot of the songs are sung by P!nk, who I like a lot.

The voice cast is impressive too, with the likes of the aforementioned P!nk, Common, Hank Azaria, Elijah Wood, Robin Williams and Brad Pitt and Matt Damon playing Bill and Will Krill!

Happy Feet 2 really is an amazing film, Sausage and I love it to bits and if you have a PS3 or dedicated Bluray player, I can wholly recommend you pick it up in this format as the quality is breathtaking.