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My Kid is Awesome.

I read a post last week on the lovely Kate’s blog, The Five F’s, and it immediately struck a chord with me. The point of this post was to illustrate the fact that we’re many of us guilty of hiding our children’s light under a bushel and that we should all be able to talk a little more freely about how brilliant our kids are.

I don’t know if it’s because of her rocky start to life, the fact that I had problems conceiving or anything else, but Husband and I have never taken Sausage for granted. We talk almost every day about how lucky we are. Not just lucky to have her, but lucky that our Daughter is so incredible. She really is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around.

You know how some parents dread taking their kids to the supermarket or other places for fear of bad behaviour? I love doing stuff like that because being with Sausage makes it so much better! The child really is fantastic company. It probably helps that I’m quite happy to go everywhere skipping, singing, playing I Spy and talking about pussycats, but Sausage is delightful to be around.

That doesn’t even begin to skim the good things about her, I could probably go on all day to be honest, but the other thing you need to know about Sausage is that she’s one of the kindest, most caring human beings ever. She seems to be thinking all the time about what she can do to help people, how to make them feel better and how she can care for everyone around her. It’s very touching and makes me incredibly proud.

In the past, when talking to other people who’ve been moaning about their kids behaviour, I’ve chimed in with things like “Oh, yeah, Sausage is just the same…” or words to those effect. But after a while I stopped myself. Sausage isn’t the same, she’s really well-behaved and selling her out to other parents to make them feel better is doing her a massive disservice.

“Your kid is naughty, you say? Too bad, mine’s an angel” is what I should be saying…and from now on, I think I will.

Love you, Sausage. Infinity.

The Five Fs

8 thoughts on “My Kid is Awesome.

  1. I am one of those mums that ties not to go on about her children for a number of reasons. Firstly when Maxi was born all his did was cry for 16 week. He cried all the time and sleep for 2 hours at a time. Gosh he was challenging and all I heard was Ethan is sleeping through, So and so is doing this. It made what was a hellish time something that pretty much feeling like a terrible mum. During this time, my wonderful husband found us a retired midwife that did one to one baby massage. She was an amazing lady, who really helped be bond with my boy an d she was also very wise she told me that every parent cries the same amount of tears over a child life. It was just we cried them at different times.

    Also my boys are both gifted and talented and I do not want people to think I am smug.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that with this long essay that I am always concious that the person I am bragging too might be feeling like I used too.

    Anyway, sorry for a long comment on my first time visiting your blog – nice to meet you!

    1. Are you kidding me? I LOVE long comments, I live for them! Thanks for stopping by, I also love getting new readers.

      I know what you mean, we’ve been told on more than one occasion that Sausage is mentally very forward for her age. During her three-year check, she was completing tasks for children twice her age and has always had an outstanding vocabulary. I’ve sensed other mothers becoming very, shall we say, bristly when hearing third parties commenting on Sausage’s verbal acuity and have said things like “Oh, but sometimes she just never stops talking”, again to try to make them feel better somehow.

      Parenting is one of those things that’s just so competitive and it’s hard to say anything sometimes without putting somebody’s nose out of joint!

  2. I love this. Little D is a born comedian he is such great company and sooo hilarious not in a baby funny way in a real funny kind of way. He is so bright and loving. He always says please and thank you and the joy of being just shines out from him.

    Thank you for reminding us to value our kids for what they are.

    1. I would so love to meet your little family, I think we’d all get on like a house on fire! In all of the pictures I’ve seen of Little D, he just has so much character, I can totally imagine him being a proper little comedian.

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