Gigs – A Meme.

This seems quite fitting following the Rammstein review I posted a couple of days ago, but I have to confess, I was not willingly tagged, I nagged @motherventing and @babberblog until someone said, “Er, yeah, I tag you and stuff…whatever”, or words to that effect. So here it is, a meme about gigs.

First Gig

This is quite an impressive one, I think. I’d been to see local bands and stuff before this, the the first real, proper gig I went to was the “Mastercard Masters of Music Concert for the Prince’s Trust”. Basically, at the first gig of my life, I got taken to Hyde Park and cut my gigging teeth at the age of 13, watching Alanis Morrisette, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Jools Holland and The Who. Yes, The actual frigging Who! They were doing a Quadrophenia show and even had Phil Daniels and Trevor MacDonald performing with them. Needless to say, it was immense and will be remembered for the rest of my life.

Worst Gig

Sheesh. There have been a few. I have to confess, I may  have gone through a stage of liking Busted…I’ll give you a moment to recover.
*drums fingers*
Look, all I will say is, I liked Hanson when I was even younger, so I must have a thing for three-piece pseudo-rock boy-bands.
I’m making it worse, aren’t I?
Charlie Simpson. Real-life TWAT.

The thing is, despite seeing Busted in concert three times, the worst gig I ever went to was when Charlie Simpson (of Busted. Shut up, alright?) started playing with the band he’s in now, Fightstar. While the gig itself wasn’t too bad, the only people who would go with me were my parents. So there I was, a 20 year old woman in the Barfly in Camden with her parents. Oh and my Dad had just had a knee operation and Charlie Simpson and his flunkies almost knocked him over, so I screamed down the stairs at him about being “TOO FAMOUS FOR FUCKING MANNERS?!”. And then I met Harry from McFly outside and had my picture taken with him.

Remind me why I wanted to do this meme again?!
Best Gig
The best gig I ever went to was when I saw Foo Fighters in Hyde Park. It was incredible, finally getting to see my favourite band live, especially as they were supported my Motorhead, Juliette and the Licks and Queens of the Stone Age.
The only downside is that they were also supported by Angels and Airwaves who, quite frankly, suck donkey balls.
Last Gig
See above. It’s been a while.
Dream Gig
Hmm, this is tough, I could give you a list of people I’d like to see that would read like my own personal Woodstock, but really I think my dream gig would be to see Foo Fighters again, but in a small, intimate venue where they do some  acoustic songs, interact with the audience, have a chat…you know.
(and then invite me up on stage to do a rendition of Everlong with them, which has the audience weeping tears of pure joy because of the beauty of it all…ahem)
I think I’m supposed to tag people now, but I want everyone to have the chance to do it, so go on if you fancy it, leave me a comment below with the link, I’d love to read your answers too.




This is for my Dad.

If he were ever to read this blog, he’d know what it means.

The rest of you just get the privilege of listening to Foo Fighters for six glorious minutes.

Love you, Dad.

How To

Get Crafty – A Royal Crown

Sausage has a great imagination, so when she asked me this morning to have a Royal Tea Party with her, I thought it only fitting that she have a proper crown to complete her outfit. I gathered up various bits from around the house and I’m pretty chuffed with what I came up with, so with the Queen’s Jubilee coming up I thought it’s quite good to share our little project.

You’ll need:

  • A cereal box or other thin-ish cardboard
  • Crepe paper (yellow for the crown and some coloured bits for the jewels)
  • Glue stick
  • Stapler or strong tape




1. Cut a strip of cardboard long enough to go all the way around your child’s head. We cut out two pieces and stapled then together at each end to make the right size.



2. Cover your cardboard in yellow crepe paper (or gold paper, you can use whatever you have. I guess tin foil would work too). If you use crepe paper, I recommend folding it over a couple of times and gluing on a few layers as singles layers are a bit see-through and flimsy.



3. Cut triangles out of one edge to give the nice spiky edge that all self respecting royal crowns should have.


4. Embellish your crown with whatever you have, be it rhinestones, coloured paper, glitter, pen or crayons, or like we have with screwed up balls of different colour crepe paper. I quite like the scrunchy 3D effect this gives and I even made a special crepe paper flower for the front of the crown by cutting out squares of crepe paper and gluing them together in alternate layers.

So there you have it, four easy steps to a beautiful royal crown, made with stuff that most of us have kicking about the house. We’d LOVE to see yours too, if you have a go at making one, just don’t upstage ours, yeah?! (Oh, and our Royal Tea Party was lovely, with real tea in a proper tea pot and everything!)



Rammstein at The O2

A few weeks ago, Husband and I were given the chance by Superbreak , who offer concert tickets and weekend breaks, to go and see Rammstein at The O2 arena and we jumped at the chance…only to be ill on the day and unable to go. Luckily, we knew someone who was able to take the tickets and review the show for Mum’s the Word, so without further ado, here it is:

The O2 on the banks of the River Thames has become synonymous with the biggest acts in music today. The likes of Lady Gaga, Rhianna and Take That have all tread the boards and performed to thousands of screaming fans in one of London’s biggest venues. Let’s just hope none of those people got caught up in the queue for tonight’s show…

Rammstein is not a band for the feint hearted. The heavy german industrial outfit has been on the circuit for over ten years and initially their shows, world renowned for their pyrotechnics, had to be moved to arenas when rows of the audience were getting frazzled at the front of their gigs in smaller venues.

Back then, question marks hovered over whether they could fill a venue but tonight, back to back and side to side, Rammstein had brought in their hordes, showing heavy metal is far from dead.

They played a plethora of their hits, from the earlier slow and powerful ‘Mutter’ to the more up-to-date, heavier and slightly commical ‘America’ with equal measure of rawkus reaction from the crowd, who never shunned from singing the German lyrics.

But, this wasn’t so much about the hits; it was about the stage show. As the house lights came down an industrial walkway slowly descended from the ceiling, surrounded by smoke and with regular explosions of sparks flying into the crowd. The band emerged at the side of the stage to take a procession around the audience, brandishing flags – both Rammstein’s own logo and St George’s Cross – and a flame to lead them in their solemn march.

Once they took their places and built up the anticipation for the first note, they never missed a beat. Perhaps the treadmill keeping the keyboard player both exercising and in time during the show may have helped, but each member gave their all, diminishing all doubt the band were a generic industrial outfit.

Stand out performances came from lead singer Till Lindemann, who regardless of all the chaos going on around him, didn’t miss a note and sung with more passion than many of his genre fail to achieve. Also, founder of the band and still the driving force behind the guttural sound, Richard Z. Kruspe was true to form, showing real talent with his six strings and making the thumping melodies of each song come to life.

Fire rose up from the floor, masks with flame throwers attached criss-crossed the stage, fireworks exploded to the words ‘bang, bang,’ all the time with an eerie green or red backdrop that looked somewhere between the Crystal Maze Industrial Zone and the few minutes before a nuclear plant melts down.

Rammstein might never take over the charts, but with a loyal following, superb industrial beats, sing along songs – regardless of their native language – and sold old arenas, this band aren’t going anywhere for a long time. Forget the West End or a Las Vegas show, make sure you catch Rammstein next time they are round.

Review by Jennifer Scott / Photos by Bert Sowerby

Thanks to Jennifer, Bert and Superbreaks!


Happy Feet 2 Review

Sausage is a bit funny about films, there are only a few feature length titles that she’ll put up with, everything else gets the elbow after about 20 minutes. On the list of successes, we have Lilo and Stitch, Lilo and Stitch 2, Stitch the Movie (can you see a theme here?!) My Neighbour Totoro, Arrietty, Ponyo, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Rio and Finding Nemo, amongst others. On the list of “Hmm, not so much…” we have The Aristocats, Cars, Lady and the Tramp and Bambi.

Just before Easter, the lovely peeps at Warner Brothers asked us if we’d like to review a copy of Happy Feet 2 on Bluray and I thought this would slot nicely into Sausage’s rotation, especially as she seems to love anything that involves animals. It also worked out well as we were both poorly almost the entire two-week period, so a bit of extra entertainment wouldn’t go amiss.

I have to say, I never anticipated just what a roaring success Happy Feet 2 would be. I’m being deadly serious when I say that Sausage has watched it almost EVERY DAY since it arrived. She knows the dialogue, the songs – she even dances along, penguin stylee!

It’s a brilliant film, I love the fact that it’s one of those kids films that has just as much for adults as it does for the kids. The soundtrack is hugely diverse, compiled of covers of Queen, Janet Jackson, sixties doo-wop band The Rivingtons and even an aria from Tosca! It also helps that a lot of the songs are sung by P!nk, who I like a lot.

The voice cast is impressive too, with the likes of the aforementioned P!nk, Common, Hank Azaria, Elijah Wood, Robin Williams and Brad Pitt and Matt Damon playing Bill and Will Krill!

Happy Feet 2 really is an amazing film, Sausage and I love it to bits and if you have a PS3 or dedicated Bluray player, I can wholly recommend you pick it up in this format as the quality is breathtaking.