Zhufari Playset Review

Last year, Sausage was sent a Zhu Zhu Pet to try out and instantly fell in love, then on her first ever day at nursery, while Husband and I were hovering around in the Waitrose opposite her school, refusing to go home and be more than 1000 yards away from her, we bought her another one as a present. Another came along at Christmas and soon we had a mini Zhu Zhu army zooming around the house!

Just recently, we were asked if we’d like to try out a Zhufari Playset and a special Zhu Zhu  pet to go with it and with Sausage’s love for them, how could I say no?! We were sent the Zhufari Lion Park play set and the little critter pictured below:


Obviously, Sausage is in love with her new Zhu Zhu pet, she loved the things anyway and then someone went and made a PINK one, which is just a win-win situation for her, being the pink-obsessed little lady that she is! The playset is a nice little addition to the range, it gives it a sense of cohesion, like the pets have more of a point now they have a dedicated place to zoom around.

If I could think of anything negative about them it would be that the tube that runs along the top of the set, like a tube on a hamster cage, seems a bit too small for the pets to fit comfortably through, but they do go through with a shove, so it’s not too bad!

The range of Zhu Zhu pets is huge and there’s one to suit just about every kids taste. We’ve also just learned that with Zhu-Fari you can even win a break for all the family at the Safari Hotel at Chessington World of Adventures. It’s a great competition, you can enter here.

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