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Sausage’s Birthday List

We all know that kids are covetous little creatures, but Sausage has made a seriously early start this year by giving us her birthday list precisely six months early. Some of the items are rather…random, so I thought you lot might like to see what the average 3 and a half year old REALLY wants!

A Hoover
A trampoline
A pink bowl
A party box
A Moxie Girl
A tortoise
A tarantula
A big photo of mummy, daddy, Sausage, Chuck and Happy
A snuggly teddy bear
A BlackBerry
ZingZillas stickers
Necklace and bracelet set
Lilo and Stitch and Rugrats Wii game

Some surprises in there, no?!




2 thoughts on “Sausage’s Birthday List

  1. lol, i remember my son saying ”for my next birthday can i have…” it was the day after his birthday. Today we were looking at cars, we dont have one, and when we walked away he said ”daddy arent you going to buy that one with your change?” ”no i dont have £30,000 in change” the things they say 😀

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