Lady J's Fiction Festival

Lady J’s Fiction Festival – Week One

Here’s the first list of topics for you to choose from:

  1. You meet a version of yourself from an alternate universe.
  2. 48 hours since your country was invaded – how are you surviving?
  3. Zombie apocalypse.
  4. Love at first sight.
  5. A story with a twist.
  6. A story/poem based on one of your five senses (or a sixth sense)

1. Once a fortnight, I’ll post a list of topics on my blog. I’ll make them as diverse as I can so you have plenty to choose from.

2. You choose a topic and go away and write a FICTIONAL story about it. Nothing like your usual blog posts. It doesn’t matter if it’s a kids’ story, a Sci-Fi short, a Romantic tale, as long as it’s fiction.

3. Once you’ve written the post, come back here, link your post up and read all of the other offerings, leaving lots of lovely supportive comments.

 There’s a lovely little badge that you can nick and place at the bottom of your post so that all of your regular readers will know that it’s part of a link up and can go and read lots of other posts too.

Now, go and write a post and put it on your blog next Friday and then come back here and link up. Simple!

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