Around the World in 80 Words – Southend on Sea

My lovely Husband left this as a comment on my Around the World in 80 Words and I just think it’s miles too good to remain a comment, it deserves it’s very own post and entry into SAHD and Proud’s linky!

Wet. Miserable. Grey skies make me feel claustrophobic and the kids hocking up grollies outside the chippy add to the overall feeling of winter misery. I trudge down to the shops, carefully avoiding the dog shit that clogs up a pavement for which I’m charged a king’s ransom in tax every month. I make my way through the alleyway, across the estate and into the park, careful to avoid the crackheads on the swings. Oh! Southend. I do love thee.

Bloody brilliant!

6 thoughts on “Around the World in 80 Words – Southend on Sea

    1. Haha, my Husband is all about the gritty realism! A grolly is (and I advise you read this well AFTER you’ve eaten your tea) one of those big snotty piles of spit that really pleasant people flob onto the pavement at regular intervals, presumably to bring about a resurgence of TB in this country!

  1. Not exactly rushing to Southend on Sea as you paint such a vivid picture.
    Thanks for taking part. And remember you can post as many as you like!

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