R.I.P. Bob Holness

I was saddened today to hear about the death of Bob Holness, better known for his role as the presenter of Blockbusters. He lived to the ripe old age of 83 and leaves behind a wife, three children and seven grandchildren. My thoughts go out to them on this sad day.

Just hearing his name brought back such a flood of memories, with Bob and Blockbusters featuring in some of the earliest snippets that I remember of my life. I have one flash of memory that is so tiny but must be from at least 25 years ago, as my Mum and Dad were still together. Mum and I were standing in our kitchen in the maisonette that we lived in, I believe it was a winters day and  Mum was cooking dinner, and Blockbusters came on the telly. Nothing special or outstanding about that, but it reminds me strongly of a time that seems like a lifetime ago now.

My Mum reminds me often of how I used to adore Blockbusters and how I could answer the questions even at a very young age. I remember adoring the programme and wishing that I could be a contestant on it as soon as I was old enough. I think, in a way, that’s where my thirst for knowledge began. It definitely sparked my obsession with Trivial Pursuit and as a child I was mad about general knowledge, choosing to stay in and answer quizzes made up by my Mum or Grandad rather than go out and play with kids my own age. Hey, I never said I was cool, okay?

Sadly, Blockbusters finished when I was 10, so I never got to be a contestant, but I’m still thankful for the entertainment and urge to learn that the show gave me.

Rest in peace, Bob. I’ll leave you with this…(skip to 1:02)


8 thoughts on “R.I.P. Bob Holness

  1. I didn’t watch the vid, so I’m not sure if my flashback is what is on the video, but I remember the following moment very fondly…

    “What O describes any living thing?”

    “An Orgasm”

    “Erm… no….”

    RIP Bob. Blockbusters was immense. He was a top presenter x

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