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A Christmas Extravaganza – Two Competitions!

Every so often, I get asked to review something or do a giveaway on my blog and just recently I was offered the chance to give away a whole bundle of things, which should make Christmas a whole lot easier for one lucky Mum’s the Word reader.

Courtesy of, I’ve been given 12, yes TWELVE toys to give away to one reader and the haul of goodies is as follows:

1. A Zhu Zhu Pet – These little critters are super popular at the moment and make a brilliant stocking filler for a little Zhu Zhu fan!

2. Mould and Paint Christmas – Perfect for your budding crafters, this set comes with everything you need to make and paint your own Christmas decorations.

3. Klutzy the Crab from Disney’s Club Penguin

A six-inch plush of Klutzy, from Disney’s ever-popular Club Penguin.

4. Childrens World Map Puzzleball

This one’s brilliant, not only is it a 3D puzzle, at the end of it, you end up with a fully functional rotating globe, so it’s fun, educational and stimulating all at once. (I quite want one of these for myself…!)

5. Rastamouse Talking Plush

If you’ve read this, you’ll know that we reviewed one of these a month or so ago, and Sausage loves hers! Full of songs and sayings from the show, this plush is a brilliant addition to the toy box.

6. Sylvanian Families Squirrel Family

We’ve bought Sausage a whole bunch of Sylvanian Families stuff this year because we just love it all, but the Squirrel Family is especially cute, even by Sylvanian standards!

7. Mission Earth

Not only is this family board game a great way to teach your kids how to be eco-friendly, it’s all made from recycled cardboard, contains no plastic and was invented by a group of school girls for the Young Enterprise Scheme.

8. Wild Science Face Mask Laboratory

I absolutely love this one, it’s essentially a good ol’ fashioned chemistry set, but it’s aimed at young girls and the end result of your experiments is that you’ve made some lush face masks. A brilliant way to get girls into science.

9. A Selection of Animals

We discovered Schleich toys a while back as Sausage is mad about animals I wanted her to have something like the ELC animals that my little sister used to collect. Brilliant quality and beautiful toys for girls or boys.

10. Fireman Sam Ambulance

Fireman Sam is one of the programmes that I remember from when I was a kid, it started in 1987 and it’s still going strong! This ambulance comes with a Nurse Flood figure and first aid box.

11. A 50th Anniversary Etch-a-Sketch

Speaking of things that’ve been around for a while, Etch-a-Sketch is celebrating its golden anniversary with a, well, GOLDEN Etch-a-Sketch! Create something amazing with this classic toy.

12. Morbs Ultimate Triple Pack

According to Amazon, these are “sensational ‘Ping Pong’ looking balls that instantly MORPH into fun looking fantasy characters, simply throw, roll, blast, bounce your ball… as they land they transform from small little balls into big-headed small bodied warriors and monsters”. Apparently!

So, here’s the awesome part…I have another thing to give away too!

About a month ago, I was sent one of these sensational and truly pretty Cake Pop Makers, which bakes six cake balls in four minutes. The cakes come out perfectly spherical and perfectly moist, ready for you to decorate as you wish. Sausage and I made about ten batches of these for her nursery’s Christmas fair and we decorated them with white chocolate and edible glitter, to make magical snowball cakes!

My next plan is to make chocolate balls, covered in milk chocolate and topped with a drizzle of white chocolate and fondant holly made with this to make perfect bite-sized Christmas pudding pops!

All in all, the toy bundle is worth almost £200 and the Cake Pop Maker is worth £20, so you could win yourself a seriously good haul to make the festive season that much easier.

If you want to enter, leave me a comment below telling me whether you want to win the toys, the cake pop maker or both, along with a way to contact you (email address, Twitter ID etc.).

Also, if you’d like to pop over to the Mum’s the Word Facebook page and give me a like, follow me on Twitter or subscribe by email (in the right sidebar of this page—–>), each of these will earn you a super-dooper-extra-free entry into the competition, just let me know in the comment you leave which you’ve done, if any.

Good luck, the winner or winners will be drawn next Saturday 17th December 2011 at 8pm so that I have time to post the goodies out before Christmas.

20 thoughts on “A Christmas Extravaganza – Two Competitions!

  1. It’s fortuitous I found you–I Googled “mums the word” for my blog post tonight, and stumbled upon your wonderful blog. I have little one who would love those gifts. I also now follow you on Twitter and like you on Facebook.

    Nice to meet you.

  2. oh, yes please! Pop me in the draw for everything!

    I already like you on facebook, follow you on twitter and subscribe.

    I was just looking at that cakepop maker in Lakeland, I’ll hold off buying it just incase. Or maybe I’ll buy it anyway then if I win I can make cakepops doubly fast. 🙂

  3. what a fabulous competition, i’d have to say the toys, so close the christmas, but the cake maker looks good too, but bad for my waistline.


  4. Please enter me in both! I would be a favourite auntie if I could deliver these to my nephew and nieces. And I’ve always wanted to make cake pops but never know where to begin. @wendymcd83
    I follow you on Facebook and Twitter too. Lovely competition!

  5. I would love to win the toys for my 2 daughters and niece.I have recently had another baby and my eldest has been down in the dumps. This would really make her xmas a special one.merry Xmas to everyone who entered x x x p.s I’ve also liked on Facebook x x

  6. Wow I am really greedy so I would love to win both prizes, the toys for the kids and the cake pop maker for me, I never seem to have any cake cases so this would be awesome. there are some awesome toys on offer including some that are on my daughters christmas lists so you could save me some pennies too

    I am subscribed via email, I like on facebook and I follow on twitter.


  7. Hi I would like to win it all mainly because there is a few things my kids would love but the main reason being I would love to donate some toys to the RSPCA charity shop to raise well needed funds for all the local animals that are in desperate need of our help!
    Many thanks

  8. Hi – I’d love to win the toys for my two little ‘uns – what a great selection! Just come across your blog for the first time, but I’ll be back to read more.

    I’ve given you a like on Facebook


  9. Fantastic competitions Jayne!! I NEED to win the cake pop maker. I love making cake balls and this would mean i could make them more often. Xx

  10. Ooh, I’m having a supremely bad day so I’m going to be greedy and enter to win both!

    The toys because Chipmunk would love a couple of them, and the local children’s hospice would get the rest.

    The cake pop maker because I *love* making cake pops, and this would take the hassle of rolling them out of it!

    I have also ‘liked’ you, subscribed to you and I already follow you on Twitter! Not that I want as many entries as possible or anything!

    Hannah – @bubbleboo

  11. I want it all!!!! What a seriously great prize. I’d cake pop the whole world while F was kept quiet by the brill toys. Love your blog and have subscrived, and follow on twitter and like you on facebook (I love you in real life xxx)

    Carol @dmouseandthetea

  12. Oh wow, such a fab comp! I sooooooo want one of those cake pop makers! I’d love to win the toys too for the kids. I’ve tweeted & shared on FB 🙂 @mamamakes

  13. Id LOVE to win the toys as i have various friends with ittle people i could give them too but the cake pop maker id love for me mwahaha 🙂

    you know i already like and follow 🙂 xx

  14. WOW! I’d love to win the toys… haven’t had much money to spend on the kids thanks to moving house and they’d love those. I would also love the cake pop maker because I am an absolute sucker for kitchen gadgets. I’ve given your facebook a like and I stalk you on twitter too. 😀

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