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A Hairy Situation…

Sausage and I went to the hairdressers today, me for my usual root touch-up and trim and her for her first ever haircut. Yes, you read that right, aside from the little trim up that I once gave her fringe about 2 years ago, she’s never had a proper haircut. I’ve always been too precious about her beautiful mane to allow anyone to chop any off, but it was getting very long and very unmanageable, especially with all of her wild ringlets, so we decided that it was time.

Last night, I spent all night having Sausage-related nightmares, dreaming that Husband and I were being forced to go on holiday without her, then that I was at work and trying to phone her and couldn’t get through, then that she was a baby again and I couldn’t get her to stop crying. I think we can safely say that I was dreading the haircut.┬áIt’s totally irrational, but the thought of someone chopping part of her off and sweeping it into a bin had my stomach in knots.

So, this morning finally arrived and I made a big song and dance about our ‘Girls Day Out’, just in case she was feeling as anxious as me. I mean, of course she wasn’t, that kid beats me hands-down when it comes to nonchalance, she was looking forward to her first big-girl haircut!

We got there, I had my colour put on first, then it was Sausage’s turn. Lou, our hairdresser, explained that most kids have a dry cut, and you should generally always cut curls dry anyway so that you can see how they fall without being weighed down, so Sausage stood up and Lou sat on a chair and within a couple of snips it was all done. I was even a bit ruthless and asked her to get rid of an extra inch!

I won’t pretend that seeing her hair swept away didn’t give me a huge pang of sadness, but I am an overly sentimental sap most of the time, so I did well not to bring it all home in a bag. A few people suggested keeping some, but we have this weird superstition in our family that you shouldn’t keep hair, so we don’t.

As usual, I’m hugely proud of my little lady for showing me how amazing she is and most of all for staying so still while Lou cut her hair. I foresee loads more lovely girly trips to the hairdressers together, yet another thing that I can enjoy with my favourite person in the whole world.

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